Sydney and Ned

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How We Met

My best friend dated his best friend and we had known each other maybe a year or so. Right around my birthday in 2012 he asked if we could go on a double date! I had a baby crush on him for a while so this was pretty exciting for me…and go figure turns out the crush was mutual.

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The date went awesome – or so I thought. We left and he didn’t ask for my number so I thought yikes too bad. Very soon found out this was just because he was too nervous (I have that effect on people- hehe just kidding). Fast forward 5 years and we’ve been in love ever since.

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We’ve been through countless baseball games – he looked good in the pants so it was worth it, years of long distance , lived in 5 different cities, and our lives have been nothing short of a fairytale! He’s made sure of that.

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how they asked

We’ve been together for 5 years and each year for my birthday he always manages to pull off a more elaborate and magical day than the last. It all started days before with witty and romantic riddles which led me to getting a new b’day outfit and ending at a beautiful resort in St. Simon’s Island. Photography is a huge passion of mine and he managed to let ME capture our engagement on camera without me even knowing!

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Who can say they took their own proposal pictures?! ?? I got all ready for a walk on the beach and he told me we should take cute birthday pictures. This was nothing to be suspicious about because I LOVE pictures and am always asking him to take cute ones while we vacation.

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We set up my tripod (yes I’m the girl who travels with a tripod) and I adjusted my setting and tested the lighting. The self timer took 9 photos at a time so we knew we’d get some good ones. I’m a huge fan of the posed yet candid – yeah me and every other girl right?! We took the first nine and some were blurry. Pleaseeee can we take more!?

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He insisted that we would take as many as it took for me to like them…what a doll. The next nine photos started and he pulled away, grabbed my hands, said “hey Sydney?” And at that moment, I knew.

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I could see it in his eyes and in his smile. I said “what” in the most giddy way imaginable and then he was down on one knee asking me to be his WIFE!!“

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Special Thanks

Sydney Ledford (me!)
 | Photographer