Sydney and Mitch

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How We Met

Mitch and I actually “met” our freshman year of college at Auburn. And when I say met I really mean that we happened to live in the same dorm and had mutual friends. I think the most words we ever spoke to each other was “hey!”. Fast forward to sophomore year, I needed to find a date to my fall formal. I just so happened to walk in to my friend Kelsey’s room as she was trying to set up Mitch with someone in sorority. As soon as I did, Kelsey freaked out and said how cute she thought Mitch and I would be together and why she had never thought of that before. Later that night, I actually saw Mitch and we had the most awkward hug known to man. I then proceeded to run away from him. Naturally, Mitch thought that I hated him so he left. But don’t worry, I boldly texted him asking him to formal. Thankfully, he said yes! The best formal date set up in the entire world!!

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how they asked

After dating all throughout college, we were coming up on our four year anniversary. Mitch had been talking about wanting to plan a trip, and he somehow baited me into saying that we should go to Charleston. He knows how much I adore that city, and little did I know that he already had everything planned out! In fact, he had been planning everything for over a month! While my sister, Alexis, and I were photographing the our last wedding of the season on October 28, Mitch was actually taking my parents to dinner to ask for their blessing. Mitch then Facetimed Alexis once she was back in Auburn and they started planning EVERYTHING. A couple of days after Mitch had asked my family, my mom and I headed to Connecticut for a photography workshop. That’s when Mitch and my Dad starting the ring design process.

After over a month of planning, it was finally time for our trip to Charleston! I’ll start by saying that I had my suspicions that Mitch was going to propose in Charleston. Generally, I am the planner in our relationship, so it threw me off when Mitch had everything planned. Thankfully, he had thought of everything. I had made Mitch swear to me that if he proposed, Alexis could be the only person in the entire world that would take pictures of it. And a couple of days before we left for Charleston, Alexis texted me saying that she had gotten tickets to the SEC Championship Game! This was the same weekend that Mitch and I were going to Charleston, so I instantly knew that nothing was going to happen.

Mitch and I got to Charleston around dinner time on Friday, and after wandering around, we had the BEST dinner at Poogan’s Porch! The following morning, Mitch and I headed to King Street to do a little shopping. After grabbing some lunch, we headed back to the hotel so I could get ready for the “date” that Mitch had planned for us! He made sure that I was dressed for dinner that night (even though it was only 1:00) because he said that we might not come back to the hotel before dinner. Once we were ready, he finally told me where we were going, Magnolia Plantation! After the fact, I was clued in to just how much planning and coordination was going on without me knowing. While we were driving to Magnolia Plantation, my parents were actually dropping Alexis off before we got there. Once we got there, Mitch grabbed a map and we started to tour the gardens! Mitch made sure that we started on the furthest side of the plantation. He was walking even slower than normal, and he made sure that we saw absolutely everything in the gardens. I could tell that he was acting a little strange, but I had no idea what was really going on! The entire time that we were walking around, Mitch and Lex were texting. After looking at pictures online, they decided that the white bridge was going to be the perfect spot to propose. Lex was hiding in the bushes near it, and Mitch was doing everything he could to keep us as far away from there as possible. They had planned to do it much earlier, but there was a wedding going on the same day and they were doing their first look on the bridge. Freak out number one for Mitch. We went to the bathroom (where Mitch and Lex frantically tried to switch the plans), and afterwards Mitch went to get my camera out of the car so we could “get a good picture”. Freak out number two. Lex and Mitch had planned on switching locations because of the first look. But at the last minute, Lex called Mitch and told him to go to the bridge!

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As we started to walk on the bridge, I was completely unaware to the fact that Mitch had set my camera bag down. When we got to the middle, he spun me around (to get the perfect angle for Lex) and that’s when the tears started. In an instant I was overcome with emotion. The day that I had prayed for since meeting Mitch was finally happening! Mitch took my hand and started to read the sweetest love letter to me, and I could barely hear or see him through my tears. That’s when he got down on one knee and asked me to be HIS WIFE!!!! I think I nodded my head yes, because he put the most gorgeous ring on my finger and held me tight!

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I then asked him “does that mean that Lex isn’t really at the game?!” He pointed to the other side of the bridge, and I lost it again.

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Every single thing was planned out so perfectly, and that wasn’t even the last surprise! Mitch made sure that both of our families were there to celebrate with us. We all went to dinner at Magnolia’s (very fitting place to go) and it was the perfect end to the perfect day. The BEST day of my entire life!!

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Special Thanks

Alexis Bruton
 | Photographer