Sydney and Mike

Image 1 of Sydney and MikeHe was acting strange all day but he sent me to get my nails done with his sister and mother. When we were leaving for our “mini” vacation he started acting super strange, so I got mad! When he arrived at Hard Rock Hotel he lady at check in asked our name and she said “awwwwwe” (because I guess he made this plan and they put it in the notes, but I had no idea at the time why she said that)! So he made me go sit down as he finished the check in! When we got up to the room there was chocolate kisses and champs waiting for us with a scavenger hunt but forget the scavenger hunt lets get to drinking we are on vacation! Let me remind you he’s still asking strange this whole time, so as I am getting ready I see a huge white box and i hate surprises I like to know everything! So I asked and he said a box inside a box it’s my box don’t open it! So natural he knew I was going to look and he made me promise not to look inside and that this was going to be the last Secret he would keep from me! After getting ready for dinner, we walked down to the boat but went through the butterfly garden and it “tripped” and someone had to tap me to turn around because I had no idea. Lol