Sydney and Maximillian


How We Met

I was 17 when I first met Max. We met through a friend and then later found out we worked together at a semi pro baseball team. Max would end conversations with “Come by and see me if you’re at work.” Every time I went into work I would be looking everywhere to see if I “happened” to see him. Any time we would see each other I had instant butterflies. After seeing each other a few times we started talking more often and conversations got longer, then it turned into phone conversations, then meeting up to spend time together.

Max was about to go off to College and I was going into my senior year of high school so we were just taking things slow. The connection we had was undeniable. we couldn’t spend enough time together or talk enough. The relationship just kept growing and growing even though we were in two different cities. Max would come and see me almost every weekend and I would go see him as much as possible. After I graduated high school I moved to auburn and we were inseparable ever since.


how they asked

My family takes an annual trip every November to Monte Sano State Park for our Christmas present from our grandmother. Max has not been able to make it the past couple years because of work and supposedly this year he would not be able to make it again. We all go to my grandmothers house on Saturday night to spend time together and have dinner while we are there. This year before everyone started to get ready to leave to go back up the mountains to the cabins my dad asked all my brothers and sisters to go to his cabin because he needed to talk with all of us about something. This made us all instantly nervous because we knew it must be serious if he was making sure each and every one of us was there. Once everyone was squeezed into the small cabin my dad started discussing things he wanted to share with us.

He said there were three things. He went over the first, then the second, we were anxiously waiting because we knew the third must be the serious thing. While my dad was talking I hear the screen door to the cabin open (in my head I’m thinking it’s a aunt, uncle, cousin) then my sister opens the big wooden door and her face is shocked. At this time I cannot see who is coming through the door because of where I was sitting.

Then walks in Max’s parents. I instantly froze and started shaking because I knew how much I had expressed to Max of how family meant so much to me. At this point I am freaking out. Next Max walks through the door on a mission! He instantly finds where I am in the cabin, locks in on my eyes and says to me ‘I am never lost for words and Sydney I am not starting today. I’ve waited so long for this moment’.


He got down on one knee and asked the words that every girl is dying to hear ‘Sydney will you marry me?’ I was so surprised and happy tears of joy were rolling down my face. He had pulled off the ultimate surprise. It was so perfect. His family and my family together to celebrate this new journey. And I am proudly now the future Mrs. Allen!