Sydney and Kyle's Winter Wonderland Proposal

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How We Met

Since social media is in the forefront of our lives, it was only fitting for Kyle to message me on Facebook to introduce himself. We had hundreds of mutual friends but had somehow never met. In May of 2014, I got a message from him asking: “Sydney. Where have you been all my life?” All I responded with was a basic, “Well I’m from Utah, but I moved to LA.” He then said, “Well that makes sense…I’ve been knocking on every door in Utah county looking for you, but had no luck!” I thought to myself, “Self…this guy is a nut!” You see, Kyle wasn’t even living in Utah anymore! He had moved to Pensacola, where he was in flight school for the Air Force. So here we are…on absolute opposite sides of the country. But that didn’t stop him.

Over a year later we were still talking weekly but still had never met. Somehow we kept missing each other no matter where we went. I’d fly out of Utah one day and he’d fly in the next. He was always pleasant and so complimentary, and always so curious about the things I was involved in. Everything. I remember thinking, “There is no way this guy is this interested in everything that I do.” But truly, he was. One day months later he offered to fly me home to see my family! I had the weekend off and both my mom and brother had birthdays that particular weekend. So then I assumed that this must be his way of us finally meeting. Come to find out, he wasn’t even in town. Just out of the pure goodness of his heart he wanted to help me out. That meant SO much. Two months later he mentioned he was coming out to California to celebrate the Fourth of July with some friends. I happened to be having a going away party where all my friends would be gathered to celebrate. Naturally I told Kyle to meet us. We were getting together at a place called the Packing House in Anaheim, CA.

The day finally came. I remember him asking, “So…are you nervous about this?” It hadn’t even crossed my mind to be nervous. What was there to be nervous about? Then, July 2nd, he texted me and said he had landed in California. Suddenly I was extremely nervous! THIRTEEN MONTHS of talking to someone, and now we were finally going to meet. In real life. Kyle rented a car and drove over to the Packing House and waited. Even though I knew he was nearby, I wanted him to find me first. In my head I wanted to be perfectly placed for when he walked in. Finally, I just told him where I was hanging out. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him walking in, as I was talking to my friend about how cute he looked. I froze. I couldn’t look. He stomped down the wooden stairs, making a racket. I still couldn’t look. This was it. He put his hand on my shoulder and just said, “Sydney”. I had probably the biggest smile of my whole life as I stood up. We embraced in the longest and best hug I had ever experienced. As we pulled back, we both seemed to know this was the first of many days together. Without another word, we just connected. Right then and there.

The rest of the night we ate, chatted with friends and laughed a lot. Thirteen months of conversations finaly coming together. It was as if all of these puzzle pieces were suddenly connected. There was a moment where I forgot anyone else was even in the room. After dinner we decided to head over to Disneyland, where I worked. It was already 11pm, but since I had a way in, we decided to go anyway. We ran through the park like children, chasing the parade, riding rides, and constantly staring at each other in awe of what was happening! As the night drew to a close, we sat in front of the magic castle discussing some serious life questions. We had talked about big things before, but now, sitting across from one another and holding hands, it was all making sense. Our souls were beckoning for each other. As we parted ways that night, we absolutely knew that huge changes were about to take place in our lives. During our courtship, we met with each other in eight states and two different countries. We also began a game of twenty questions that would eventually end with the biggest question of all!

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how they asked

Two days after Christmas, a friend and I drove up to Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah for what I thought was a brunch date, but ended up being the most epic proposal a girl could want. I knew Kyle was capable of pulling off some type of magical moment for us when the time came, but I never dreamed that he would gather a sizable crew of “assistants” to shovel charming paths and steps through the Aspen forests to create a snow cave with candles and rose petals as the perfect backdrop for the proposal. They spent several freezing pre-dawn hours carving out this scene and placing photos and garlands of greenery along a bridge leading to the site—a labor of love since the resort had been plowing its way out of a huge snow storm just a few days prior. I arrived unaware of all the behind the scene efforts, which included Kyle flying in a day earlier than expected and arranging hundreds of details like presenting me with a beautiful rose gold ring in a charming tree-bark box with our initials carved on it.

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My friend Spencer suggested that before we eat, we check out where she and her husband had photos taken earlier that year. She led me to the path and I finally knew something was up when I heard music playing from a song list Kyle and I had created specifically for each other. I soon spotted the big red bows that led to this romantic vista and when I turned the corner, there was my love waiting for me. He kneeled down, and before he could even speak I was excited and overwhelmed and amazed that he had done all of this for me. I don’t remember what he said I was so excited, but I will always remember how he made me feel—like a princess right out of a storybook! I didn’t want this moment to end! I said yes, we embraced and danced and frolicked through the glorious woods giggling and smooching like two love drunk kids.

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