Sydney and Kevin

How We Met

We met online back in 2018, went on our first day on May 17th, 2018 and we’ve been inseparable since.

How They Asked

We took a trip to our favorite beach spot, Hatteras Island at the outerbanks in July 2020. On July 27th 2020 we had taken our two dogs to the water and I was in the process of getting them to sit still to take a picture when I felt a smack on my butt. Kevin smacked my butt and I turned around to him looking at me laughing and said “hey will you marry me?” Both of us laughed and laughed. Of course I said yes! He later told me he had this whole plan and elaborate proposal but then he decided to keep It simple, and boyyyyy was It simple, but perfect! Later on we were talking about how he managed to go look at rings and buy one without me having one clue. He laughed and said “It was a task!” He picked out my ring all by himself and I had no idea a proposal was coming!



Special Thanks