Sydney and Kamryn

How We Met

Kamryn and I met in high school through a mutual friend. We reconnected in 2014 at my best friend’s going away party and instantly hit it off! On our first date I realized how much I hadn’t known about him in high school and how much we had in common.

Sydney and Kamryn's Engagement in Topsail Island, NC- on the beach

We began dating, spending much of our time together hiking, kayaking and spending time with friends. After only two months of dating, I knew that I Loved him and I was lucky enough to have him love me back. Since that time, we have experienced so much together and have moved across the country to begin our lives.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Topsail Island, NC- on the beach

Sydney's Proposal in Topsail Island, NC- on the beach

how they asked

Kamryn and I had planned a weekend getaway to Surf City, NC on Topsail Island for the weekend of July 28-30th. He kept insisting that we watch the sunset over the ocean, saying that he wanted pictures of it. When the sun was about to set, we realized we forgot the wine we wanted to bring to the beach. I offered to go get it while he set up his camera. When I got back, he pointed out a bottle that had washed up onto the shore from the ocean.

Kamryn told me to go see what was in it and said he would get pictures of me opening it. As I was opening it, I noticed the cork was new so I thought someone had thrown it out into the ocean and it washed back in. When I pulled the letter out, it said “Spend forever with me.”

I looked up and saw Kamryn walking toward me getting down on one knee. I instantly dropped the note as he asked, “Sydney Moxham, will you marry me?” I instantly starting crying and said yes!!

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