Sydney and Jordan

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How We Met

Sydney and Jordan met in October 2015 as they are both staff at the Mount Vernon School District. Officially that’s when they noticed each other across the Little Mountain Elementary playground haha! The following January the Little Mountain Elementary teachers schemed and slipped Jordan her number in the staff room on a lunch break. The funny part is that Jordan was accidentally given Sydney’s sister, Svea’s phone number. Fortunately, mistake was caught before he called her haha! So.. they officially met in February 2016 and have dated ever since!

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how they asked

They had just spent the weekend apart (Jordan coaching basketball and Sydney was in a wedding in Idaho). So they were both pretty excited to get a phone call. At 5am Monday morning the phone rang and they were told that it was a snow day and school was cancelled!! When they found they had the day free together, they took Curry (their Golden Retriever) to play in the snow at Northern State Recreational Area. Jordan had already planned to ask Sydney the following week as they were going on a snowshoeing trip on Mt Baker, but he brought the ring just in case. Jordan knew that this day was the right day to propose when he heard Sydney say “This is the best day ever!” To her surprise, Jordan proposed right there at Northern State Rec Area. She had absolutely no idea what was coming and was so shocked and beyond excited!

Sydney's Proposal in Northern State Recreation Area, Sedro-Woolley

Where do I begin… Sydney is the most caring, joyful, and considerate person I have ever been around. I love that she finds time to make the most out of everyday (even though that means we are a little late at times). I love that she makes me want to be a better person and man. She doesn’t let me settle for anything less than my best. I love how important family is to her. She appreciates the little things in life. I love that we can enjoy ourselves as much at home on the couch as we can at Magic Mountain riding roller coasters (which we have done). I love that she loves Curry and I with all of her heart. Lastly, I love the fact that I get to spend the rest of my life with her.

I love his goofy side but that he knows when it’s important to be serious. He is so genuine and when you’re having a conversation with him he makes you feel so special and important! His loyalty to me and our little family and how determined he is in every aspect of his life. I love that he’s organized and prompt to balance my sometimes scattered and late side. It’s incredible how caring and loving he is, and I love that he doesn’t care that I burn dinner over and over again but he will still eat it (I’m learning). I love how supportive he is in me and how he encourages me to be my best. Most of the time he can figure out what I’m thinking even if the words aren’t coming to me and I love that about Jordan. I could go on and on but most of all I love how much fun we have together, I’m a lucky lady!


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