Sydney and Jonathan

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How We Met

We are both from the same small town, so we have always kind of known one another through family. We connected on social media, and exchanged messages for a few days before I got up the nerve to ask her out on a date. After talking and going out for a few months, I asked her if she wanted to date me. Soon after that I knew she was not like any other girl. I fell head-over-heels for her really hard. There is an 8- year age difference that we both had to adjust to. Once we found out that age really is just a number, our relationship grew stronger. I knew I wanted to spend my life with her. We dated for about a year and a half. Sydney and I would talk about what we thought out lives would be like together down the road, but I would change the subject. Sydney started to think I would never ask, but the whole time I was planning the best proposal.

how they asked

I started planning months before for just the right moment to ask the love of my life to marry me. She being a eight generation farmer and we living in Georgia, cotton was a big part in the plan. We took Christmas pictures the year before and I knew I wanted to make that a large part of the plan. I would have a year from when it was planted to when it would be ready to pick and make the perfect proposal moment that she would never forget. Come late October I started to really plan trying to figure out the details without her finding out. This was the hardest part. However, some clever talks with her mom and dad and my parents as well, is was all set. In the beginning of December, when the field was just right, I was going to pop the question. I asked a local photographer to help with the plan. I told Sydney we were taking pictures for Christmas cards. So….on the big day, I had the ring in my pocket and we took a few photographs. Then with the help of the photographer, Sydney turned away and I got down on one knee in the middle of the cotton field and asked her to marry me.

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Special Thanks

Ali Harpe
 | Photographer