Sydney and John

How They Asked

The journey started on a three-day vacation in Colorado. I won a contest through a company called Decked to fly out to Colorado and attend a Jason Aldean concert. My now fiancé has friends out there so we visited them. My fiancé planned to ride his friend’s motorcycle up to Mount Evans, which is about two hours where his friend lived.

Sydney and John's Engagement in Mount Evans, CO

We started our trip to Mount Evans, just to get up there and learn it was closed until 2 pm for a bike race so we decided to get lunch at a cafe below the mountain. He prompted me to buy a keychain and coffee mug because as he stated, “Trust me, you’re going to want to remember this.” 2 o’clock rolls around and we head up the 14-mile road to the summit of Mt. Evans.

Where to Propose in Mount Evans, CO

We get to the summit, in which the elevation is over 14,000 ft. We park and start walking around looking at the beautiful view. He’s being very picky about where we take our picture ensuring it was the most beautiful spot too. We find a husband taking photos of his wife and he asks them to take our photo in which we position ourselves on the rock and take a normal picture.

My fiancé points in the direction away from him and tells me to look so of course I do. When I turn around he is pulling a ring box out of his motorcycle jacket and getting down on one knee. The couple who took our picture captured the perfect moment. I was so surprised, I broke out into tears. I don’t think he could have picked a better spot to ask me to be his wife. ❤️