Sydney and Jeremy

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How We Met

We first met working at the Sheriff’s Office in 2011. On my first day of work, I had to pick up my ID card from him. I thought he was cute. I told a coworker that I thought he was cute and she didn’t know who I was talking about. When he walked past the front window one day I said, “That’s him”. He turned when I said it because I was a little louder than I thought. Then in 2012 we both ended up at the PD and on the same shift.

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We worked as beat partners a lot and became good friends. In 2014 we were talking one night and he asked what I meant when I said, “That’s him”. He remembered that 3 years later. I told him and not long after we started dating. Little did I know, he had been checking me out my first day at the SO. We had already been friends for a while, so unofficial first date we just hung out and watched TV. “Official first date” we went out to eat at Jim and Nicks BBQ.

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how they asked

In May 2017 I planned a surprise trip to Charleston for Jeremy’s 28th Birthday. I planned a few activities for the three days we were there. On the second day (5/8/17) we went to Magnolia Plantation. We did a house tour and walked through the gardens. Jeremy kept acting weird and I was afraid he was bored with my activity choice. There are several bridges throughout the gardens and the biggest one is over a pond near the front of the gardens. He kept asking which bridge was my favorite and I told him it was the one at the front. We got to the bridge and I was taking pictures. I had taken all the pictures I wanted to and he started telling me that we had missed something on the map. We hadn’t, but I followed him anyways.

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We came back to my favorite bridge and there were people on it. He made some comment about there being people and I told him it was okay because I had pictures. Then he wanted to sit down on a bench and wait. I decided this would be a great time to take a picture of us. I leaned over towards him to take a selfie. He freaked out about how his arm looked in the picture. Weird. I later found out I was leaning on the ring box and he was trying to get me off of it. The bridge cleared and we started walking across. I grabbed the map out of his back pocket and started looking at it. I then look up and he tells me that I thought this trip was about him, but it was actually about us. Then he got down on one knee!

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