Sydney and Jacob


How We Met

Jacob is a high school teacher at Bloomington High School South, and at the time he was the Head Boy’s Freshman Basketball Coach. Throughout the 2013-2014 basketball season my brother, Josh Hall, was a player on Jacob’s team. I have always loved basketball, I love the atmosphere, the pace of the game, the excitement, and so much more. I was so excited to watch my brother play high school basketball and I never missed a single game that year. Throughout the year, I would sit in the stands with the rest of my family and talk to my mom about how cute the coach was (aka my fiancé). So, I guess you would say that I had a crush on him the entire year. In January 2014, I tweeted about having extra tickets to the Indiana University Basketball game that I was not going to use. It just so happened, Jacob asked my brother for my number because he was interested in the tickets. However, the conversation we had was very short because he ended up being busy and not using the tickets! If you ask him, he wasn’t interested in the tickets, he was more interested in getting to know me! However, I had no idea that he was trying to do that.

Fast forward a couple months to March 2014. On March 29, 2014 he added me on SnapChat! I was so excited that I immediately took a screenshot of the notification!


From this day forward, we started SnapChatting every second of every day, and the rest is history! We eventually moved off of SnapChat, and started texting. He took me on our first official date on June 12, 2014 to Jiffy Treat (a local ice-cream place) and the rest is history! We have been together ever since!

how they asked

Throughout my high school and college, I have devoted myself to Dance Marathon. When I came to Indiana University, I knew I had to be a part of Indiana University Dance Marathon (IUDM). IUDM is a year-long fundraiser that culminates in a 36-hour marathon, where you are not allowed to sit or sleep! The money raised throughout the year goes to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana. This cause touched my heart because there is no better feeling than to be able to give back to children and families who desperately need help, whether that be financially or just a little extra encouragement to keep going. IUDM is a 4,000 person organization, and I have been lucky enough to serve as the Fundraising Chair for Marathon Relations, the Director of Marathon Relations and the Vice President of Membership. This organization has allowed me to find my family within Indiana University. Also, since I have known my fiancé, he knows it has been the most important thing in my life, besides my family and him.

My fiancé also went to Indiana University, but he did not participate in IUDM. That is what makes the proposal so special. November 4th through November 6th was my eighth and final Dance Marathon. I was so overwhelmed with so many emotions because the thing that I have invested all of my time to was finally coming to the end. It was early in the morning on November 5th, and we were just going through opening ceremonies. This is where we welcomed new dancers to IUDM. So, with the venue full of 3,000 excited energetic college students, the executive council was being introduced on stage. After the introductions were finished, the president, Ryan Cason, took the mike and said that there was someone he wanted to call onto the stage. Well, turns out it was my boyfriend, Jacob!! He comes on stage, and needless to say I was extremely confused. Jacob is not the type of person that likes attention.


He normally avoids crowds and doesn’t like all eyes to be on him. Jacob takes the microphone, and in four perfect sentences, he was able to say the most meaningful words I have ever heard in my life! He opened with a joke about “who doesn’t like surprises that early in the morning”? Next he said, “I am up here because I love Sydney Hall”. He paused for applause, and he then said, “And I want to spend the rest of my life with her”. The 3,000 people erupted! He then got down on one knee, and asked if I would marry him… and I said YES!



I don’t even think I said yes, I just nodded my head because I was still in so much shock!!! Then, all 3,000 people in the tennis center were chanting “Yes”! It was incredible, I had no idea that he was going to propose this soon, let alone in front of 3,000 people. The best part, all of my friends, and our families were there to witness it.


I had the most incredible weekend that anyone could have asked for. I got engaged in front of 3,000 people, including my friends and family. I got to spend 36-hours celebrating our year-long efforts in raising money for Riley Hospital for Children and to make the entire weekend better, IUDM raised a record breaking $4.15 million all for the kids! It was truly an incredible weekend and something that I will remember for the rest of my life!


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