Sydney and Jack

How We Met

Jack was my first love, we are high school sweethearts! We met my freshman year & Jack’s sophomore year (he’s a year older). Even from a young age (I was 14 & Jack was 16) Jack was the most thoughtful, intentional person that I had ever met. He never fails to make me feel like the most important, beautiful, person in any room! We have been doing long distance for nearly five years now (he went to college in Colorado, and I went to school in Alabama) and we cannot wait to be together forever!

How They Asked

Oh man. Jack totally had me fooled! Jack & I have been doing long distance for nearly five years. We fell in love in high school, but he went to college in Colorado & I went to school in Alabama, so it was hard not to be suspicious each time we were able to see each other leading up to our engagement. Jack has been one of the most romantic people I have ever known (even when we were 15) and was DETERMINED to make sure I was surprised despite the additional obstacle of long-distance. So, over Thanksgiving break, he told me that he wasn’t going to be able to come home to Seattle. Of course, I was bummed, but I understood.

Sydney and Jack's Engagement in Seattle, Washington

Little did I know, he would be surprising me in our home town & asking me to be his girl forever! Jack had it all set up so I thought I was just going to get lunch with my dad, but when I got inside the restaurant, the hostess handed me a note from Jack. I immediately opened it, and it had directions to head down to the beach (where Jack had first asked me to be his girlfriend).

When I got down there, I saw him & immediately knew! After the proposal, he had a reservation made for us at my favorite restaurant in the city, where he pulled out a note that he then read to me to remind me of everything he had said in his proposal (knowing that nerves and adrenaline would totally make me forget everything). Then we went to our favorite rooftop bar to celebrate! It was seriously the MOST magical day. I cannot wait to be Mrs. McCunn!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Seattle, Washington

Special Thanks

 | Photographer
Andrew (my dad)
 | My dad was in on the whole thing! He was the only person who knew Jack was going to pop the question that day!