Sydney and Dylan

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Garden of the gods, Colorado, Colorado Springs

How They Asked

We were on vacation in Colorado visiting a very good friend of ours. Nothing out of the ordinary I just thought it was one of our standard vacations.

The first day there everything seemed normal enjoying the sites, drinking beer, eating food, but he seemed kinda of nervous not quite himself.

On the second day I found out why. Went were driving out to Garden of the Gods to go hiking, it was the raining the whole car ride, and you could just seen the panic in his eyes. As we pulled in the weather lifted and the rain paused, so we began our walk. We were maybe 2 minutes in and he asked our friend to take a photo of us. Before I knew it he was down on his knee and immediately the tears were streaming down my face. He pulled the ring out of his pocket but I couldn’t even see through all the tears!
As the moment started to come into clarity I see in the distance a figure taking pictures. It was his sister hiding in the bushes capturing the most important moment I could have ever imagined!
As I approached her she asked me how I liked my ring! I had bet even looked at it, I was just stunned he just asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. As I looked down it was the perfect ring. Everything I had ever dreamed for plus more!

We went walking through the park hand in hand as an engaged couple and I was beaming for the rest of the trip!

Special Thanks

Hollie johnson
 | Photographer
Marisa kouba
 | Planning