Sydney and Draisen

how we met

Funny story! I met one of Draisen’s friends through Tinder, which didn’t work out (obviously), so this mutual friend introduced me to Draisen!

how they asked

It happened in Greenville, South Carolina overlooking Falls Park. It was gorgeous! Draisen had been planning it for a few weeks, and I had no idea until just a few minutes before. We were going to dinner with his parents, something we do often, but we had to wait, in Falls Park, on his sister and her family to meet us for dinner. As his sister was walking up, I saw she had her camera with her. I started to wonder if he was going to propose, but she mentioned they had been taking pictures of her son just a few minutes earlier. I pushed the proposal out of my mind until Draisen said, “Hey sis, can you take a few pictures of me and Sydney?” I knew instantly that he was going to propose. He is NOT a fan of pictures! We walked over to the river, and took a few pictures before he got down on one knee and spoke some of the sweetest words I’ve ever heard. (No need to share, I’ll keep that sweet moment to myself.) He asked me to be his wife and of course I said yes!

Special Thanks

Aly Brooke Photography
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