Sydney and Devion

Image 1 of Sydney and DevionHow We Met: I was a sophomore in high school I had to find another class to go to because my last period teacher had a team meeting, anyways, I decided to ask my friend Elisabeth if her teacher would, saying no I went with her to her math class, a class I really didn’t want to spend an hour and a half in. But never would I have guessed that in that class would be my soulmate and for us to come into contact by him making buzzing noises with Elisabeth pretending I had a vibrator in my backpack.

how they asked: Back on New Year’s Eve, downtown Mobile has this thing called the moon pie drop, we went down there to celebrate because neither me or Devion had seen it drop and what better way to start off a new year together than to watch a giant moo pie drop from a building. Well, while downtown this man came up to us asking for changing so he could get gas to make it home,being the nice guy my boyfriend is he gave the man what little change he had in his pocket and the man asked him “is this your wife?” My boyfriend then explained to the man that I was just his girlfriend at the moment but would eventually make me his wife and the man told him “make this resolution for me, because she seems like a nice girl and I nice girl is hard to come by now a days,” and he said, ” make her your wife in 2015, because looking at you too y’all look like a fine couple.” After a couple of minutes we went about our business and six months later we found ourselves laid up in the bed watching Scream and I told him “you know you only have six months left?” And he sat there and played dumb just to throw me off and he replied, “what do you mean?” As I explained what happened on New Year’s Eve he then reached beside the bed and messed with his wallet and then said to me “well since you’re asking me all these questions can I ask you one?” Not thinking I said, “yeah sure what is it?” And he then pulled out a ring and said “will you marry me?” It so happened to be the most shocking thing I have ever experienced in my life time being caught off gaurd and all I could do was cry.