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Me and my fiancé Chris have been dating for 10 months. We had talked about getting engaged in January so when January came and went I was preparing myself to get engaged at any moment. I got my nails done on February 1 to be prepared and that night when Chris came over he was in a panic and super upset. He was planning on using a backend check from his Summer job to buy my ring and he explained to me that night that they were only going to give him about a 1/3 of the money we expected. He was sad and freaking out because he couldn’t afford the ring I picked out and suggested maybe we go the next day to look at rings again and see if there was anything else I liked that was a little cheaper. I went to bed so disappointed. I didn’t think I was going to get my dream ring AND we weren’t going to get engaged for another couple weeks. The next morning I had a shoot set up for J Noelle dresses and in the middle of the shoot he walked in holding 2 dozen roses when he was supposed to be at work! I was SO surprised! He made up such a believable story! I ended up with my dream ring and dream boy! We are so in love and so excited to be married.

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