Sydney and Chad

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How We Met

I had just graduated from college at Oklahoma State University and my friends took me out to our favorite bar in Stillwater (College Bar). I was playing pool and all of a sudden I noticed this man with the most beautiful, long, thick, and luscious head of hair I had ever seen. Before this moment, I hadn’t particularly been attracted to men with long hair. Having confidence from the alcohol I had consumed, I immediately walked right up to him and complimented his hair and then STUCK MY FACE IN HIS HAIR and smelled it. It smelled WONDERFUL! At this time, you could still smoke cigarettes inside of the bar, so freshly washed hair was a treat to my nose. Yes, it was super weird, but I thought nothing of my action. All I could think of was how awesome his hair smelled in this smokey bar. Later, I demanded he put my number in his phone. I was pretty embarrassed the next morning, but the rest is history! We actually got to know each other and realized we never wanted to be with anyone else.

how they asked

We were on vacation with my big brother and his fiance, and the last day of the vacation we planned to go to a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. We had made it to the venue early that morning to preview our seats and check the place out. Chad asked if we could take a picture up against the rock so I turned to have our picture taken and he dropped to one knee with a ring box in his hand!!!! I was so excited I was shaking and totally zoned out. I just remember saying, “OH THANK YOU!” Haha! I had to ask him later if I actually told him yes because I couldn’t remember! Silly me. It was the most wonderful place with the most wonderful man!

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