Sydney and Caleb

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In our barn

How We Met

We met in 10th grade. We both liked each other but was always too scared to tell each other. We were each other’s best friends and always went to one other for advice. Caleb moved schools going into our junior year of high school so I didn’t get to see him a whole lot anymore, but we would always run into one other in the most random places and would talk for hours! Going into our freshman year of college I walked into our Algebra class and there sat Caleb. We would sometimes skip class and go to breakfast and talk about everything. A couple years went by and we didn’t really see and we didn’t really see each other than one day we ran into each other and we have been together ever since!

how they asked

Caleb and I had just celebrated our 1 year anniversary a few weeks before. I had no idea he was going to propose that night. We had gone out to dinner and went shopping. Normally Caleb can’t keep a gift from me, he is usually so excited to give it to me that he can’t wait! Birthdays, Christmas, etc. He can never wait! So he definitely caught me by surprise! After dinner, Caleb had taken me back to my parents’ house to drop me off for the night. My parents live on an old farm so we have these old beautiful barns. When we pulled into the drive I noticed our one barn was all lit up so Caleb said let’s see what’s going on. So we walked up and all I saw was candles everywhere!! My mom, dad, and sister were all there to capture and enjoy this moment with us.