Sydney and Brandon

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How We Met

Sydney and Brandon met during her freshman year at UGA in 2016. She had just joined her sorority, gamma phi beta. In September, she had one of her first socials with a frat called kappa sigma, which happened to be Brandon’s fraternity. Sydney made a huge mistake and wore jeans to their first social in 90-degree Georgia weather. She was panicking and asked a couple of the fraternity boys if they could give her a ride back to her dorm so she could change. Brandon, being the gentleman he is, courteously offered her and her friend a ride back to her dorm to change. The two continued on their night at “the goat” downtown where they enjoyed a night of flirting and dancing. Sydney, not wanting to ask for Brandon’s number, followed herself on Instagram on his phone. The next day she messaged him on Instagram asking him if his fraternity was having a tailgate for the UGA game that Saturday. The rest is history. The couple started dating that winter. Brandon asked Sydney to be his girlfriend at his fraternity date night at an Atlanta Hawks game. They continued to go on many more date nights, trips and football games. Sydney and Brandon both majored in business management where the two bonded over their classes and spent late nights studying at the library. Brandon graduated in May 2018 and the pair began dating long-distance while Sydney finished up her bachelor’s degree at the Terry College of Business. Brandon started his job as a mechanical contractor for his family HVAC business in Atlanta and the two continued on visiting each other for date nights and football games. Sydney graduated in May 2020 and got a job working in Atlanta where she does banking sales for NCR corporation. They enjoy living in Vinings with their rescue dog, Koda.

How They Asked

Brandon proposed on June 11, 2021! Sydney and Brandon took a beach trip to Destin, Florida where they were supposed to have a family photo shoot with Brandon’s family. While his whole family was running late, Brandon and Sydney went to meet with the photographer to keep her busy. When they got to the beach to meet with the photographer, she asked Sydney and Brandon if she could take some test shots of them. While the photographer was fixing Sydney’s hair, Brandon quickly got down on his knee behind her.

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The photographer asked Sydney to turn around where she saw Brandon proposing to her. she of course said yes! After the photographer took a couple of pictures of the freshly engaged couple, Sydney and Brandon’s families both scurried down the beach to greet them with hugs and champagne. Sydney was so surprised that Brandon pulled it all off! The two are now excited to plan a wedding together.

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