Sydney and Anthony

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How We Met

My fiancé and I met on the bus home from Highschool when we were just 16 and 17 years old. Anthony made sure to take that bus every single day to see me even if he didn’t go to school that day. He is truly my high school sweetheart and is my first and last love. We have not stopped loving eachother for the past 7 years of dating.

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How They Asked

I woke up on Saturday for a date day and had no idea where we were headed. All I saw was that we had 2 hours on GPS. We ended up in our favorite city at our favorite spot that has so much meaning to the both of us. We were at the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia. I grew up a huge fan of the movie Rocky as did he (we both watched the movies every day and played with the rocky figures). We were on top overlooking the beautiful city line and had the best view of a place full of so many of our memories.

He got down on one knee and asked for forever in front of his little sister and my little brother. I said YES and a crowd of people were cheering as they were feeling the love all around us. I then came home to a huge surprise party full of family and friends who were planning this for a while and some had traveled a long way. I was crying all day. Best day of my life. I’m his Adrian.

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