Sydney and Adam

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How We Met

Adam: My dad was restoring Sydney’s dad’s (Scott) MGB sports car, and Scott offered my dad tickets to the NASCAR Bristol race. My dad invited me and Scott invited Sydney. The rest is history. We went to Elkmont campground for our first date. Sydney went there a lot as a kid, and she talked about how awesome it was to explore the run-down cabins. So we spent the afternoon trying not to fall through the rotting floors of the abandoned cabins. Then we ended up sitting on a rock by the river for several hours until it got dark. By the time we finally decided to leave, it had gotten so dark we could barely see. One of us brought up the fact that a bear could be standing 2 ft from us and we wouldn’t even know it. We found the car pretty fast after that comment!

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Sydney: My dad had 4 tickets to the Bristol race in 2011 and invited me for my birthday. He gave the other two tickets to Adam’s dad, who was currently rebuilding my dad’s MGB convertible. I suppose it was kind of a setup, even though our dads would never admit that lol. We drove up to Elkmont Campground where we explored the abandoned homes and hung out on a big rock by the water (the one he proposed on) until it was dark outside. It is where we first held hands and the day we had our first kiss.

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how they asked

Adam: We went back to Elkmont to do some more exploring before they end up tearing all the cabins down. I had the ring in my pocket the entire day and was super nervous about popping the question. I casually mentioned wanting to see the rock that we sat on when we were on our first date. Syd went there with her cousin one time, and she took a picture of the rock. She had it framed, but the quality wasn’t great. I had a new camera, and I “really wanted a nicer picture of the rock.” So once we found it, I set my camera up “for a selfie” but I actually had it on video. I went back to the rock and got down on one knee to ask the question.

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Sydney: We went back to Elkmont to try out our new fancy cameras on the amazing abandoned homes and a beautiful creek. I wanted to get a better photo of the rock where we first held hands since the picture I had of it was from a phone and very bad quality. We spent hours taking pictures of the homes, then we walked over to the rock. Adam set up his camera on a rock nearby saying he wanted to try to get a picture of the two of us on the rock together. Once he was back up on the rock, I turned away to set my camera down and turned back to him on one knee asking me to marry him. I did not expect it at all!

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