Sydney and Adam

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How We Met

My parents were selling their home and the real estate agent they were working with was coincidentally helping Adam buy a new condo. The real estate agent had given Adam my number and about a week went by before either of us really thought about contacting one another.

While I was walking across from the Wrigley building on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, the real estate agent just so happened to be driving with Adam and saw me. She pulled over into a loading zone and formally introduced the two of us. She proceeded to ask if he had called me yet, which to his embarrassment, had not. We eventually got to talking on the phone a couple of days later and had our first date on December 4th, 2012 at Drumbar. My choice! We had our second date a week later at Gilt Bar, which is now our favorite restaurant.

how they asked

So 5 years later when Adam told me he wanted to celebrate his 33rd birthday with dinner at Gilt Bar followed by drinks at DrumBar I didn’t find any of it strange!

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Little did I know that from the walk after dinner we would pass the Wrigley building and he would get down on one knee in the middle of one of Chicago’s busiest streets! He told me how this was the very first place we met and I slowly realized what was happening.

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Our families were watching it all unfold from a second-floor window in Walgreens and a photographer was there to capture every moment.

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We did end up walking over to DrumBar, where Adam also invited 50 of our closest friends to surprise me, including several who came from out of town. So thank you to our real estate agent for not only helping Adam find the home we still live in today, but helping me find my future husband.