Sydnee and Ian

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How We Met

We met in a cozy pub in northern Alberta. And after spending 5 amazing years together it was time to pop the question.

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how they asked

After months of planning and meeting with restaurant managers, suit tailors, friends, the photographer and even a gold smith(to have the ring custom made) I was ready to pull of the most incredible proposal.

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It started with an out of town friend surprising her at her door step with the first of 4 cards including some sort of sweet combination of love words and also instructions on where to go and what to do.

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She had breakfast with her best friends, then they all went head to toe outfit shopping for her, then off to a beauty bar to have all the finer details polished up and finally she was driven to the top of the highest mountain in Victoria BC where I had the next most epic surprise waiting.

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Along a hill top path were 10 canvasses set up with quotes and sayings pertaining to our relationship. The first stop on the path she met the photographer and a male vocalist who sang “All of Me” acapela. Then from here she walked through a group of trees where I had strung over 300 photos from the entirety of our loving bond. After Cresting a hill she then found a second performer who sang “Four Leaf Clover” accompanied by guitar. Half way through this song I surprised her from behind while singing the lyrics. We shared a dance. Next a placed her on top of a boulder where I professed my love and promises for our future before getting down on one knee to ask the love of my life to share forever with me.

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Following all of this we now had the photographer take our engagement photos as she was dressed in a long, elegant maroon dress and I had on my custom tailored dark blue suit. But I still had another surprise.

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I told her I had to blindfold her because I had set something up very romantic at an exclusive restaurant and I didn’t want her to see where we were going. In all actuality I had reserved a room at a restaurant where 40 of our friends and family were waiting to surprise her and celebrate our recent engagement. The look on her face when I removed the blindfold and everyone yelled “SURPRISE” will be something I will never forget about that day.

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Special Thanks

Rivkah Photography
 | Photographer