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Eric and I have always been very outdoorsy. Our first date was at Hamilton Pool in Austin, Tx, and we try to take at least one big hiking/camping trip every year. This year, he told me that he wanted to go back to the site of our first big adventure together, Rocky Mountain National Park. We planned an intense week of hiking, climbing, and snow-shoeing that was sure to be a great time. On the third day of our trip, a blizzard named Helena blew in and threatened to cancel our plans for the following day.

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Despite my better judgement, Eric insisted that we go ahead with our plans to snow-shoe the next day. We got up bright and early after a night of trying to sleep through a nearly constant snow storm that had our teeth chattering, and hit the trail (which, by this point, was covered in nearly three feet of snow). Trekking through thick snow (which was still coming down in flurries), I looked like a complete mess. Eyelashes frozen with frost, face scrubbed of makeup, bundled in roughly 7 layers, my looks were the last thing on my mind.

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When we finally got a brief respite from the snow, Eric suggested we stop on a snow-covered bridge, which had been decorated with Christmas lights. Of course, he chose the time when I felt the most rugged (and least attractive) to start talking about how beautiful he thinks I am. He had a whole speech prepared, and as soon as he dropped down on one knee, I froze in place and started saying “yes!”.

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I dropped the dried apricots I had been holding, he took my hand and slid on the ring his grandmother gave him when he was 14, right before she passed away. It was such a special and unique moment for us…

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I can’t imagine a proposal that better captured our personalities and the heart of our relationship. Because of the blizzard, the photographer Eric had tried to hire had to cancel, so our engagement photos were taken a few months later on our return trip to the Rockies!

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Special Thanks

Deric Thor Eldridge
 | Photographer