Platinum Proposals: See the Sweetest Proposals from Couples Who Chose Platinum

I’m sure you’ve overheard people talk about their engagement ring plenty of times and mention that not only is it stunning, but that it’s also set in platinumPlatinum is an entirely pure metal (so it’s completely hypoallergenic) that is strong, rare, and a highly sought after material in the world of jewelry. A lot of our couples’ engagement rings are set in platinum so we wanted to share a few of those with you!

A few quick things to know: 1) platinum looks like white gold (which looks like silver, as a point of reference) 2) platinum won’t fade over time like white gold will 3) platinum is 60 percent heavier than gold making it much more sturdy and great for jewelry that you want to last (like, your engagement ring…).If you want to learn more, Platinum Jewelry has a great article on why metals matter in jewelry.

Without further ado, here are some amazing proposal and even more amazing platinum rings….

platinum proposal #1: Nicholas and Risa

I love sleeping in on the weekends and Nicholas knows this. On a Friday, he tells me that he has some errands to run the next morning and since it was supposed to be so cold out, that I should just sleep in. So that’s what I did. I figured he’d come home for lunch, however, so I got up and started getting ready. As I was doing so, I hear a knock at the door. I’m still in not-appropriate-for-answering-the-door attire and because I had been hearing rustling in the hallways all morning, I thought it was going to be one of our building’s maintenance people. I was freaking out trying to throw on something that I could open the door in, which ended up being sweats, and when I opened the door, I saw Nicholas with a dozen white roses. He also had two champagne flutes and a bottle of champagne. I was completely oblivious to anything else, and immediately grabbed the roses to put them in a vase. As I was running around the apartment looking for said vase, Nicholas grabbed my hands and said, “Put the flowers down, Babe.” Everything after that is a blur. I don’t know what he said to me, I don’t remember what I said, but all I remember is him getting down on one knee in our kitchen and holding a Harry Winston box with a platinum ring inside. Of course I said yes. I later came to find out he’d had a handful of other plans (and even used HowTheyAsked to find ideas) but that every single one of them in one way or another had been foiled. I always pictured having an extravagant proposal with a photographer and everything, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing about how they asked because it’s so very “us” and it was in the apartment that we share together.


platinum proposal #2: kenzie and jordon

My parents have a home in Florida and Jordon and I had planned on visiting for Memorial Day Weekend to celebrate our five-year anniversary. On our first day there, my mom took me into my closet and showed me a new Lilly Pulitzer dress that she had purchased for me to wear to a family dinner that night (little did I know it was for our engagement!). Jordon insisted on wearing his sport coat for the dinner and then my parents suggested we take photos since we were both dressed so nicely. We went outside and began posing. After a few minutes, I wanted to stop, but Jordon said, “Let’s just take one more…” He pulled a small box out of his pocket, got down on one knee, and asked to start our forever. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even think I said, “yes” until a few minutes later because I couldn’t stop myself from hugging and kissing him. All the while my mom and dad were taking photos and crying, and I can honestly say it was the best moment of my life!

RachelMAy1Photo by Rachel May Photography

platinum proposal #3: Chris and Chelsea

We were on our way back from a friend’s wedding in Beaver Creek when Chris suggested we take US-6 instead of I-70 (there was construction traffic for hours on 70). I agreed because who doesn’t enjoy a nice scenic drive in the Rocky Mountains. We stopped at the parking lot at the top of Loveland Pass, where you have a panoramic view of the continental divide. Both of my parents are geologists so I have always had a love for the mountains and formations and I went crazy taking all sorts of shots of the snow-capped peaks. Chris was standing behind me as I was snapping a shot and asked me if I remembered the name of the pass we were on. I, oblivious to the situation at hand, jokingly said, “the top of 6?” I turned around as he replied, “no silly, it’s Loveland Pass, and speaking of love…” After that, I can’t remember a single word he said after as he dropped to his knee with a little black box in hand. I was still in shock and so excited when he asked “will you marry me?” that all I could muster were a few nods of my head. The comedian he is, he joked he wouldn’t put the platinum ring on my hand until I actually said the word yes. I practically shouted it at him “YES YES YES AND YES!” and of course was so excited to wear it!

image1 (1)

platinum proposal #4: Addie and Bobby

I was home in San Diego taking a quick break from traveling for work, and Bobby was SUPPOSED to be flying in later that evening. Through the assistance of my two best friends, he managed to get me to his parent’s house where he was waiting for me in their backyard. It was set up beautifully, and I immediately knew what was going on. As I walked outside, our song started playing, and then I noticed our friend Analisa taking photos in the bushes (I was very proud of Bobby for remembering that detail). When I finally got to him, after what seemed like walking for miles, he was so nervous that he could barely speak. All he managed was, “I’m going to propose to you now”, then he got down on one knee and opened the box…

Analisa Joy Photography-71 (1)

Analisa Joy Photography-167 (1)

Photos by Analisa Joy Photography

platinum proposal #5: Ryan and Stephanie

Ryan and I are both Florida natives and enjoy the “salt life”. We are constantly on the water or outdoors, so it wasn’t unusual when Ryan asked if I wanted to go on a sunset cruise with a few of our friends. I asked if we could invite my sister and one of my best friends and he said yes (looking back.. of course he’d say yes to that). We took the boat out and headed towards the Gulf of Mexico. Our friend John always took pictures so when he asked me to sit in the fish fighting chair and take a picture with Ryan behind me, I thought nothing of it. As soon as I sat down, however, Ryan twisted the chair around so I was facing him – on one knee. I was in complete shock and he caught me totally by surprise. I said yes and the rest of the night was perfect (including the sunset).

image2 (1)

unnamed (1)

platinum proposal #6: Sydney and Jay

My fiance’s sister lives in Italy and she just had a baby, so we went to go visit her and make a vacation out of it for ourselves, of course, too. One evening we had dinner plans and I was getting ready in the bathroom, while my phone was being charged in the other room. When I walked out to grab it about 30 minutes later, it was gone and there was a card in its place. On the front it said “You and Me” and inside, he had written a super mushy note. At the end, it said “If you are reading this then you probably already have a good idea of how much I love you. But if not, let me tell you a little story…”. Then, he sent me on the most romantic scavenger hunt filled with more letters and of course him on one knee at the end of it.



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