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How We Met: (Her side of the story) Casey and I met in a bible study at his house a few years ago. The first moment I saw him I knew he would be my husband, he just didn’t know it yet. ;) We started off as friends and spent time together during group events and while leading in Young Life ministry. I knew we both had feelings for each other but didn’t say anything. I was waiting for him to step up and be a man and ask me out! It took him a really long time….. I was being very patient and finally a year later that moment happened. He asked me on our first date to see some of our Young Life kids perform in their school play. God has continually been showing us how to love each other and put Him first in our relationship ever since.

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how they asked: ( His side of the story ) After dating Jen for over a year, I learned so much about her, her love for children, her compassion towards people and most importantly, her love for Christ. In our many long talks about life and our future, we would talk about how she wanted to be proposed to. The two biggest things she had said were that she wanted to feel like she was in a Taylor Swift video and that she wanted her sisters to be involved. So on her birthday weekend, while she was off with her girlfriends celebrating, I met with her sisters to brainstorm and plan the proposal. After looking at many places and watching countless Taylor Swift videos, we finally found the spot. Since we had been talking about marriage and proposals, I knew that surprising her was going to be difficult. The day of the proposal, I had friends of ours invite us out to take some photos to build up their company portfolio. During the session I staged a fake proposal where I offered her a ring pop. The story behind the ring pop came from a conversation we had early in our relationship. I asked her one night if I was to propose to her with a ring pop, would she say yes? Remembering that conversation and knowing I was joking, she laughingly said yes! Later I had her mom text her inviting us to her aunt and uncle’s house for a family BBQ. What Jen didn’t know is that this was the location where the actual proposal was going to begin. The rest of the story is explained in the video. Thanks for letting us share our moment with you.

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To all the guys reading this: The most important thing I learned is you should listen to what she has to say and pay attention to the details. No matter how you propose, the one thing that will matter most is that you listened and made it a reality for her. She will remember how you proposed for the rest of her life!

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