Amanda and Jorge's Sweet Proposal on St. Simons Island

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How We Met

Jorge and I met through mutual friends. He has an abnormally close and big group of high school friends who remained close through college and beyond. Half of the group went to Valdosta State University, where I went to school, and the other to the University of Georgia, where he went to school. We met at a bar in Buckhead one Saturday night and have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

I’ve known Jorge was the one since the first time we went to visit my parents. He’s the most caring, genuine person and even my parents could tell that we were meant to be from the start. My family is really important to me, and it’s been hard living the five hours away from them the past 4+ years. I’ve always thought I would have a feeling when he was going to pop the question because 1. We would be home visiting my family 2. My best friend and the fabulous wedding photographer, Anna K, would coincidentally be home at the same time, and 3. My dad would act weird. ..and none of these things happened and I was completely surprised!

December 26, 2015 aka the most perfect day of my entire life. Jorge had mentioned he wanted to go have coffee or breakfast on the beach while we were at home visiting my parents over Christmas, which isn’t too far-fetched because we always try to soak up every bit of the beach while we are there. I had the worst allergy/sinus attack the night before and miraculously was feeling almost back to 100% the next morning. Jorge hopped out of bed a little before 8am and was so excited to get to the beach. He asked what I was going to wear, which should have been one of the first clues. When I responded with, “Probably an over-sized t-shirt,” he was quick to come back with, “Maybe not a t-shirt..” Looking back it makes me laugh, but he covered it up by saying if we went shopping or to lunch afterwards I wouldn’t want to be in a t-shirt all day, which was accurate. I threw on the only dress I had packed (it was going to be in the mid 80s that day, yes, the day after Christmas) and luckily a little mascara and we headed for the beach. The weather was not looking so great, and I pulled up my weather app where it said there would be severe fog until almost noon. I started questioning if we should even go. The idea of sitting in the fog in the heat and humidity didn’t sound appealing. Jorge was quick to brush my concerns off saying he wanted to get me out of the house since I felt so awful the night before and do something different. When we arrived to Gould’s Inlet, he started getting a little flustered. Asking if this was the beach access I wanted to go to and kept looking out into the sand dunes toward the beach houses. Still oblivious, I started making conversation about the beach houses and how it didn’t matter where we went since it was so foggy.

We finally made out way down onto the sand and walked a little ways to find the perfect spot. He stopped and put a beach blanket down for us to sit on and I was still looking at the beach houses. I was somehow still clueless even when he said, “Stand right here.” I looked back at the sand dunes and saw Anna’s big straw hat pop up and she was holding her camera. By the time I looked back at Jorge, he was already down on one knee saying the sweetest things and holding a ring box. I was so excited and surprised I couldn’t hold back the tears. I of course said yes and we had the cutest little photo shoot on the beach.

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Sweet Anna had flown home on Christmas night to be at the beach hiding in the sand dunes bright and early the next day.

After Anna snapped some pictures, she left us to enjoy the morning. Jorge pulled out a bottle of champagne that was actually an engagement gift from some of his co-workers who knew his whole plan. It was the most perfect day, drinking champagne on the beach with my new fiance and celebrating with my family. I still am amazed at all of the thought and time he put into making it so perfect!

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