Corey and Emily's Sweet Proposal in Napa

Image 1 of Emily and Corey

How we met

Corey and I met through mutual friends at a restaurant in Dallas two days after New Years. The first thing I noticed about Corey was how tall and handsome he was, but what really drew me to him was how personable he was, and how much I enjoyed our conversations. We sat across from each other and talked the entire time. We found out we were both from Atlanta, and we’d attended rival high schools back home – I had even been to a few of Corey’s football games when we were 16! We went on our first real date a few days later and stayed at dinner for over four hours. Corey was so easy to talk to and the night flew by – I felt like I had known him for years. I think I left that first date knowing he was “the one.”

Image 2 of Emily and Corey

how they asked

Corey and I had plans to visit friends in Boston for Labor Day weekend. We were scheduled to take the late flight out, so when Corey showed up on the playground of my school Friday morning, I knew something was going on. I remember seeing him and thinking I’d forgotten something for our trip, but he told me to get up and get my stuff, and that we had to go right away. He thought of everything – he’d worked with my coworker to make sure I had a substitute for my Pre-K class, and we left for the airport. When he handed me our real boarding passes and told me we were actually going to Napa, the place where we had discussed wanting to get married one day, I started crying. I was so amazed by Corey’s thoughtfulness and I was beyond excited to see all he had planned for the weekend.

When we arrived, we went to a delicious dinner in downtown Napa and laughed all night. I remember looking across the table at dinner and being so thankful for him and for our easy-going relationship. He truly is my best friend, and I can’t imagine doing life with anyone else. I was just so happy and grateful for all he had done to make the weekend absolutely perfect, and all he does every day to make me happy and to make our relationship work so well.

Image 3 of Emily and Corey

The next morning, Corey had an entire day of wine tours scheduled for us. A car picked us up in the morning and we went to our first winery, Flora Springs. We were the only two people there touring. At the time, I just thought it was because we were there so early. I found out later than Corey had actually planned for the winery to only schedule our tour so it would be just the two of us! It was amazing and so romantic to have the place to ourselves. We went out into the vineyards and tasted the grapes, and then went in for a tour of the wine caves. There was a photographer inside the cave, but they told me she was there to take photos for a brochure. She was busy taking pictures of the barrels and the wines, so I totally bought it.

Image 4 of Emily and Corey

After the tour, we were taken to a beautiful house overlooking wine country. We were sitting on the porch looking out over the most wonderful view of the vineyards when Corey asked me to stand up so we could talk. He began telling me how much he loved me and how much our relationship meant to him – he said the sweetest and most incredible things that I will never forget. He got down on one knee with the most beautiful ring – it was exactly what I wanted and exactly what I’d always pictured – and asked me to be his wife. Through tears I said “of course!”

Image 5 of Emily and Corey

Image 6 of Emily and Corey

One of my favorite parts of our engagement story is our photographer. She was standing behind a window in the house, so Corey and I were totally alone outside, but I was amazed by how her photos captured the emotion of that morning. My very favorite picture is a candid photo taken right after I said yes – my hand is on Corey’s cheek and we’re laughing and looking in each other’s eyes. It was such a genuine moment and I am forever thankful to have it captured in film.

Image 7 of Emily and Corey

We decided to wait to tell anyone about our engagement until later that day, and I am very, very glad we waited. Corey and I were able to spend the entire day focused on each other, and not attached to our phones – it was romantic and personal to spend our day celebrating together.

Image 8 of Emily and Corey

After our engagement, Corey had us scheduled for a tour of a venue I had fallen in love with and we had discussed for our future wedding, which was such a kind and thoughtful gesture – I was in awe. We had an incredible day tasting wines and exploring Napa – it could not have been more perfect! When we got back to the hotel, Corey had chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne waiting for us.

Image 9 of Emily and Corey

Our engagement was the absolute best day of my life, and I honestly cannot think of any possible way Corey could have made it more perfect for us as a couple. Corey is by far the sweetest and most thoughtful man I know, but this truly went beyond anything in my wildest dreams.

Special Thanks

Sakhon Nhek
 | photographer