Sarah and Jordan's Super Sweet Marriage Proposal Video

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How We Met: 11 years ago on the baseball field. We were on the same little league team and although we don’t remember much about playing the game, we know for certain we were the two who collided trying to catch the ball. Although neither of us did catch it, we must have caught each other’s eye. It wasn’t until our 8th grade year that we began talking and figured it out. We had talked for a good year and became very good friends and then one day Jordan asked me to go ice skating, which marked our first date! One time at a Twin’s baseball game, my dad offered Jordan a Chicago dog. Now, I don’t really know what is all on a Chicago dog, but I know it contains a lot of peppers and Jordan did not sound pleased. However, my dad told him that if he ever wanted to marry me he would first have to eat a Chicago dog. That was the running joke for the past six years. Throughout the years, we quickly became a part of each others families and it didn’t take long before we knew we would be together forever.

how they asked: It was the day of our 6th year anniversary, and I was getting ready at my grandma’s house. We had plans to go out to eat at a nice restaurant and catch a movie after. While I was getting ready, I received a phone call from his dad, Tim. He had said he would be at my grandma’s in 20 seconds to drop something off. I was really confused as to why his dad would be bringing something and not Jordan himself. When he arrived, he handed me Jordan’s computer and kept it short not letting me ask any questions. I brought it into the kitchen where I saw a sticky note on the cover reading “Step 1: open.” After opening the computer, another sticky note was placed on the screen with an arrow pointing to a video saying “Step 2: Watch me!” At this point I had figured out that this must be it! I had had suspicions for a few days but had no idea what was in store. I watched the video that Jordan had created where he was seen in many of the places that were special and meaningful to us such as that very baseball field where we collided, our high school where we began talking, our first date at the rink, and college. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, he was holding tag boards with saying on them and had our favorite song playing as well.

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With my grandma by my side, we were both a mess. I had just finished my makeup so tried to hold the tears in but there was no stopping me now. The last sticky note on the side of the computer read “You’re on to me. Meet me at Mt. Lookout and look for lights.” I turned to grandma and said “I gotta go! This is it!” I quickly fixed up and hopped into the car and anxiously drove up to Mr. Lookout, a place that overlooks the city of Glenwood and beautiful Lake Minnewaska. Searching desperately and hoping I wouldn’t have to call him to find these lights he was talking about, I spotted two jars lit up with candles in the snow. I got out of the car and ran towards them realizing they lit a path. Walking down the path and making the turn, I saw Jordan standing in the frigid cold with candles all around him. I ran towards him and he proceeded to get down on his knee and ask me to marry him! After many pictures were taken as his friend Kevin was the secret photographer, we went back to my grandma’s to tell her the news. Then he took me to Lakeside, a restaurant in town where my parents and his family were waiting.

Now a few of you may be wondering if Jordan got the courage to eat the Chicago dog as this was a requirement before asking me to marry him. Turns out that Jordan arranged to get me out of the house the night before and came to my parents house announcing he was ready to have one. Since this had been a joke for many years, my parents both knew what this entailed! After dad prepared them and Jordan actually liked it, he was given permission! He also called my brother on his way back, which meant a lot to both him and me.

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I have been engaged for 5 days and it still feels like a dream. I can’t stop staring at this gorgeous ring and am excited to begin planning!