Swati and Akshay

Image 1 of Swati and Akshay

How We Met

Akshay and I went to the same college and met for the very first time during our freshman year. During our sophomore year, it was our passion for dance that brought us closer as friends. We started to spend more time together during our dance practice sessions for the college festival and that’s how our journey began…

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When we graduated, I moved to the states to pursue higher education while he stayed back in our home country to work. It was the beginning of our long distance relationship, the toughest three years of our lives having to deal with timezone differences and seeing each other on rare occasions, that too only electronically. But distance only made our hearts grow fonder and it made us realize even more strongly that we wanted to be with each other for life!

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how they asked

He had planned a series of surprises leading up to the big moment. The very first surprise came on the morning of Christmas 2016, when he gifted me tickets for our trip to Paris in January 2017. I was beyond ecstatic as we both had always wanted to travel to Europe together! I started planning the trip pretty much the next day and wanted to book a professional photographer to capture beautiful memories of our trip to Paris.

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The photographer that I liked informed me that she won’t be available during those dates, little did I know that Akshay had already been in touch with and booked the same photographer. This came as the next surprise to me when we landed in Paris. I was just over the moon!

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We reached Eiffel Tower the next day all dressed up and the photo-shoot began. Throughout the shoot, we kept reminiscing about our journey since the time we met. We talked about some of the best memories of us together, while the camera kept capturing our expressions and emotions continuously.

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Some twenty minutes into the shoot, he held my hands, looked me right into my eyes, knelt down on one knee, holding a ring in one hand and said these words “je’tamine, will you marry me, Swati?”.

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I skipped a few heartbeats, stole a glance at the Eiffel which looked prettier than I had ever imagined, captured the moment in my heart forever and said “YES”!

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This precious moment will forever be etched in our hearts and will bring a smile on our faces every time we would think of it..

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Special Thanks

Daria Lorman
 | Photography