Swathi and Mittal

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How We Met

Mittal and I met during the first week of college at Arizona State University. I was sitting at a table with some girls I had met during the welcome week while Mittal was walking down the hall with his friends. One of the girls I was sitting with recognized Mittal from SAT class during high school (lol) leading to Mittal and his friends joining us at our table. While the rest of our friends went to sleep at a reasonable time, Mittal and I felt an instant connection like we had somehow known each other our whole lives. We had so much in common and so much to talk about that we talked each other’s ears off until sunrise the next day. We naturally felt that spark and connection. When I woke up later in the day with his number on my phone, I knew he would be someone special in my life. We always joked that we were inseparable and a package deal. Here we are 8 years later!

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How They Asked

New York is one of our favorite vacation spots. We had previously visited when we were both graduating college as a graduation celebration trip. During our trip, when we were walking down Times Square, we had a caricature done of us. To our surprise, the caricaturist sketched a photo of Mittal proposing to me with a big ring. At the time, we thought it was funny and laughed it off.

Fast forward four years, I was graduating from medical school, and Mittal and I decided to go on another trip to New York to celebrate another graduation. The first morning we were there, Mittal told me that he had a special dinner for me planned on Friday night at a rooftop bar. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with rooftop bars, so I was super excited!

He was paying extra close attention to not only my outfit but also his (including ironing his clothes to make them extra wrinkle-free lol) which made me a bit suspicious but I didn’t think too much of it. As we arrived at the building and got out of our elevator, there was someone waiting for us to greet us and guide us to the entrance to the bar. As Mittal walked behind me saying something to the attendant, something inside me knew that this was the moment.

I was so eager and excited that I ran outside past the door without noticing that there was someone else at the door to who I was supposed to hand my coat. As I stepped out onto the rooftop, I saw a plethora of rose petals so nicely laid out to be shaped like a heart. At the end of the aisle was a stand with a bucket of champagne and two glasses.

As we walked towards the end of the aisle, Mittal got down on one knee. With the song “Perfect” playing in the background and light raindrops falling on us, Mittal asked me to marry him. I immediately replied “duh!” I was still in total shock that Mittal made our New York trip caricature come to real life by proposing to me in the best, most meaningful way possible. We continued to embrace the moment and each other that we didn’t realize that we were getting soaked in the rain. Our photographer pointed out that we reminded her of the rain scene from the “Notebook,” which is one of our favorites.

After face timing friends and family and taking photos, we enjoyed a beautiful dinner in New York City. Mittal and I met when we were 18, have gone through college, long-distance, new jobs, living in different time zones, and I can’t believe all of that finally brought us to getting engaged. I wish I could re-live this day over and over again. It truly was the best day of my life.

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