Suzie and Jonathon

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At 6:15 A.M. on October 23, Jonathon woke me up and handed me this card.

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I knew then that today was the day I had been waiting for my whole life. I jumped in the shower and started to blow dry my hair when I saw another card taped to the mirror. This one said,”Move swiftly, get dressed up, do your makeup and your hair, but there’s no need to worry about your nails my dear. Once you’re all done, go to the car with your love for your next note awaits in the compartment fit for a glove.”

After I finished getting ready we got in the car and I immediately opened the glove compartment where I found the next card:

“Many weekend mornings have been spent at a cafe. In the township to the east is where you’ll start your Friday. Have your sweetheart drive to the place with handmade mugs full of flavored coffee to the brim. On the way, tap the media button for songs that remind you of him. Just don’t eat too much because you’ll be feasting again soon. You will want to have room by 30 minutes before noon.”

I instinctively knew we were heading to our favorite breakfast spot that we go to almost every weekend. As we pulled out of the driveway I tapped the media button and the mix I had made Jonathon for Valentines Day (all the songs that reminded me of him) came on through the speakers. After a delicious breakfast we brought our receipt up to the counter to pay and the cashier handed me another card:

Image 3 of Suzie and Jonathon

“Now that the coffee has fueled this week’s climb, your next hint is quite simply ‘About Time’. So take a quick hop right over the lake to where 60,615,900 seconds ago a first kiss was at stake.”

I knew the next place we were headed was the movie theater (across the small lake from where we had just eaten breakfast). This was were we saw the movie ‘About Time’ on our second date, and shared our first kiss. As we stood outside the theater Jonathon handed me another card:

“The first real date – movie and dinner. The night that Jonathon found out he was a lucky winner. Nothing planned here but to reflect on the bliss, the moment you shared true love’s first kiss.”

Of course, after I read this card I could help but kiss him and earn my next card:

Image 4 of Suzie and Jonathon

“Across the street a private shopping experience awaits in the shop you’ve been to on so many dates. No need to pull out any money, everything’s been taken care of by your honey. But there’s not much time to spend in the store, you need to be out the door by nine forty-four.”

Jonathon had arranged a private shopping experience at my favorite boutique! He had contacted the owner, who was kind enough to open up an hour early and let me pick out whatever I wanted, as everything had already been paid for. As we were walking out of the shop carrying several bags, the owner handed me my next card:

“Look at your hand. Quite soon it may glow. You need polish to match. So onward to Joe.”

Joe is the owner of the nail salon I go to, so that’s where we went next. After a well needed manicure (and Jonathon’s which I insisted he get), Joe handed me yet another card:

“Your Next Clue: Go to your favorite restaurant – not Fondue.”

I have a million and one favorite restaurants, so this helped me narrow it down by one. However, I still had a million left to choose from. Luckily, Jonathon had prepared for this:

“We are officially regulars…”

Now I knew, because this referenced an inside joke that we share. After a delicious lunch, the waitress handed me my next card:

“Hope you have saved some room. Dessert is waiting where you first met the man who may soon be your groom.”

Since the coffee shop we met at was converted into an ice cream store, I knew this was the next stop on our journey. I had cotton candy ice cream and Jonathon enjoyed chocolate peanut butter…his favorite. The next card I was handed said:

“Houston, Denver, San Antonio, Orlando, Alaska, Canada to name a few. So much traveling and many memories made too. Remember when you cried at Diagon Alley, tasted Butterbeer, and walked through the bricks? Well, you need to catch another train now. It leaves at precisely one thirty-six.”

We drove to the Metra train station and took a ride into the heart of Chicago. Once we arrived, Jonathon gave me the next card:

“Have a taxi driver take us to the Langham Hotel at 330 N Wabash Ave for afternoon tea with your honey.”

I absolutely love high tea…we were seated at the best table with gorgeous views of the city and next to the grand piano (looking back I feel so stupid, because how could I have not known this was where the proposal was going to take place). As we were enjoying our tea, I recognized the first few notes of my absolute favorite song (Cry from the movie The Holiday by Hans Zimmer).

— Later Jonathon told me that there was no published sheet music for this song, so had to have the pianist compose it by ear —

Jonathon handed me my final card (which looked different from the rest, as it had our monogram at the top). It read :

Image 5 of Suzie and Jonathon

“Yes, that’s right, this is your special song. Time for the moment you’ve dreamed of all along. Here comes the question surely you won’t deny. So take a deep breath and try not to Cry.”

Of course I couldn’t help but burst into tears…

Image 6 of Suzie and Jonathon

Image 7 of Suzie and Jonathon

Jonathon had arranged for his family from Houston to fly in and both of our families had drinks and dinner after the proposal and spent the weekend together.

Image 8 of Suzie and Jonathon

It was truly a proposal created just for me and I couldn’t have asked for anything more from the man I am lucky to call my fiance!

Image 9 of Suzie and Jonathon