Suzie and Asa

Proposal Ideas Montego Bay, Jamaica

How We Met

Asa and I both played volleyball growing up, and when I was 14 I remembering sitting a tournament and seeing him and thinking “one day I’m gonna marry him.” Of course, as a 14-year old, I was clearly not thinking that it would happen, or that 7 years later our paths would reconnect. So there we were In a dicks sporting goods parking lot meeting (again) for the first time. I had skipped all my classes on Friday and just decided to go spend the day with him.

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Suzie and Asa's Engagement in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Suzie's Proposal in Montego Bay, Jamaica

We hit it off instantly, spent the entire day together until early in the morning. The rest is history. Asa is my best friend, my soul mate, my biggest fan. Shows you how 1 the universe has a sense of humor 2 God always has a bigger plan 3 even if he’s wearing an OU shirt (go pokes) you can still love them.

Where to Propose in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Montego Bay, Jamaica

How They Asked

I’m currently in chiropractic school, and I go to school ALL YEAR. I get two weeks between each break and last year Asa and his best friend really wanted to take a trip. The trimester before we left was considered the hardest academically at my school. So I was very on board with taking a trip. Also, Asa and I told each other when we first started dating that we would take one trip a year every year from our first trip to Kansas City until the end of time. Jamaica it was!

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Neither of us had been to Jamaica so we were really excited to go somewhere new. The days started counting down and I had no clue. I mean I packed his suitcase for Christ sake there was no way. Also, my sister, aka my best friend, told me if Asa asked while we were on vacation she’d kill him. Little did I know a few weeks before Asa went home to design my dream ring and ask my parents permission to propose.

He also had worked something out with his best friend to bring the ring to Jamaica with him so I wouldn’t find it. Off we went and I thought nope it won’t happen, I mean literally in the airport I told a girl how her ring was pretty and she thanked me, asked if I was engaged and I jokingly said “working on it.” We get to our resort, have a drink, yada yada, Asa tells me he wants to dress up for dinner and picks out my outfit. “The sunset is pretty let’s go over here and take a picture.” That’s what I thought was going on at least.

He walks behind me to this little area Out in the ocean and we take a picture. Y’all he was shaking so bad and I could t even tell until I turned to look at him and he was pulling a box out of his pocket. It was literally the best trip ever. And WOW the ring he had made for me was and is a dream come true.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Montego Bay, Jamaica