Suzanne and Nicholas

How We Met

Nick + Suz met in real life, at spin class. Suzanne was teaching spin during her offseason as a cyclist and Nick worked just down the street. Nick’s mom and sister road at the spin studio and after hitting up a few of Suzanne’s classes they suggested Nick think about starting spin classes too! Not long after his first visit, Nick was the first to arrive for the spin and the last to leave; the rest is history!

How They Asked

After a late night at the office, Suzanne was on her way to drop off their cat at Nick’s sisters who was cat sitting while they were in Palm Springs for vacation. Before leaving, Nick asked Suz if she would like some tea for the drive. Nick promptly boiled the kettle but asked Suz to pick the tea out of her David’s Tea Advent Calendar. With focus and timeliness, Suz plucked the tea from the Dec 6th and put the little box back, not even realizing a special parcel tucked under the tea bag. Nick urged Suz to double check the box and before she could even digest the moment, Nick was on one knee in their kitchen holding the ring – a diamond beyond Suz’s wildest dreams!!

Speechless and full of giddy love, Suz also found herself on her knees on the kitchen floor totally stunned in the magic of the moment. Champaign popped that night and they hopped on a plane the next morning to soak up some sun and celebrate as fiancés.

Special Thanks

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