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How We Met

We met 4 years ago when I was actually in a 5 year relationship, but I met him at a friends birthday party and just thought he was just so cute. When I broke up with that boyfriend, I texted the mutual friend to ask her to set us up, but she ignored my text. Then a couple months later I found him on tinder, and I didn’t recognize him, but it showed that we knew that friend in common. So I checked back with her and said “I met this really cute guy on Tinder, but we haven’t met up yet. It shows that we both know you? His name is Jonny” and she proceeded to remind me that he’s the guy I originally asked her to set me up with! We then didn’t meet up again until her next birthday, and we really hit it off, and conveniently had our first date that following Thursday at a Band of Skulls concert. And he kissed me for the first time. 9 months later we moved in together.

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I love London. I lived there for 4 years, and it’s my favorite place on earth, and because of that, it’s become Jonny’s favorite too. We’ve been there together 3 times in just the 3.5 years we’ve been together. We were just out here in March, and we got in a fight, because I was really hoping he would propose during that trip. I have a company that has headquarters in London, and they recently offered to fly me out for training and the company Christmas party last week. I went alone, and everyone asked me why Jonny didn’t come, but I explained it was too expensive and he had to work.

I stayed with my friend Aaron (who used to be my old CEO at my old company in London) and the night of my company Xmas party, Aaron came to meet me, where we decided to go out around Westminster. As soon as we got to the bridge, I started taking pictures of Big Ben, and Aaron said “No, these are rubbish pictures, they’ll be much better down there”. And we walked down to a better lit spot and took some selfies, then Aaron said “let me take a picture of you in front of Big ben” and mid-pose I heard someone creeping up behind me, and that’s when Aaron told me to turn around, only to find the love of my life had flown out to surprise me and propose.

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Aaron caught the whole thing on camera. And later I came to find out that the work trip was Jonny’s plan all along! He coordinated with my CEO and got her to fly me out during Hannukah so he could propose before the end of the year. And he’s really not a big planner, so this was above and beyond. I really wasn’t expecting it.

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