Suzanne and James

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How We Met

I met James at Lollapalooza in August of 2013. We stood next to each other at the Nine Inch Nails concert. Neither of us were huge fans of NIN, but James was there with his friend and I was there with my brother. Right before the show started my brother warned me that the crowd would push up as soon as the band started playing. I turned to the two guys behind me (James and his friend) and asked them to be my bodyguards. We continued to chat and even dance a bit together during the concert (James being skeptical that my brother was a boyfriend). After the show the 4 of us went out to grab a bite to eat and James and I exchanged numbers before parting ways. We have talked everyday since.

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how they asked

The week of my 30th Birthday turned out to be the best week ever! I knew it would be special but not quite as special as it turned out to be. I’ll walk you through it: Surprise 1: The surprises started on Friday evening at my Birthday dinner in Hong Kong. James handed me my Birthday card and inside was the itinerary for a week long trip to Sri Lanka with a big group of friends! Surprise 2: The second surprise was arriving in Sri Lanka to a house filled with more family and friends! James rented a house there and filled it with 12 people that I love! Surprise 3 (the best one): Everyday we had a schedule of sightseeing or beach time.

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On March 21st our day started out seeing the old fort in Galle. We spent the morning walking around and taking in all the beautiful views. The last stop was the lighthouse. James suggested a group picture and as soon as we started to gather he said something along the lines of “Suzanne, your 30th Birthday is something to celebrate but that is not the only reason we are all here.” As soon as he started talking I knew that THIS WAS IT, but it came as a shock to me! He got down on one knee (which he later told me he practiced) and told me how much he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

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I can’t even write this without welling up. It was perfect! The ring is perfect! And I am so excited to continue our life adventures together. Afterward we went to a beautiful beach for some lunch, a swim, and to utilize good Wi-Fi to call my mom and dad back in the US. The rest of the week was more than magical. In an engagement haze we did some amazing things in Sri Lanka.

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Special Thanks

Stephen Steelman
 | Photographed