Suzanne and Dan

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How We Met

We met out on the dance floor at a local bar/restaurant. Dan memorized my phone number and then waited a week to call me (I thought he probably forgot it!). We talked here and there over the next few months but then lost touch. That fall, we met up again and have been together ever since.

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how they asked

We planned a trip to our favorite place in New England, the White Mountains of New Hampshire. As avid hikers, we’ve done all of the Presidential Range mountains in this area. I had an inkling this could be an engagement trip because our plan was to hike Mt. Adams, which happened to be the first hike we did together over 10 years ago (yes, we’ve been together that long)! Doubts soon crept in when Dan seemed so relaxed the morning of the hike. I kept thinking, nope, it’s not going to happen this weekend. I mean he does have a laidback personality, but I thought I would see some sign of nervousness if he was planning on popping the question!

We hiked the 4.5 miles up to the peak and once we were up there Dan suggested going to a small grassy area to sit and have lunch. Once there, I was taking in the scenery when all of the sudden I turn back and see him down on one knee! He then asked me to marry him and I of course said YES!! A few minutes later, we hear “Did she say yes?” Apparently another couple had been hiking up and saw the whole thing. They came over to congratulate us and graciously took our photo. We spent about an hour on top of the mountain snapping photos and chatting with other hikers, one of which happened to be a professional photographer. You couldn’t plan this any better! He took a few photos and we exchanged email addresses so he could send them to us. That night, we celebrated at a cute little place, the Saalt Pub in Gorham, where we had sparkling wine and dessert on the house.

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It really was the perfect proposal for us as a couple. We love exploring national parks and hiking, so I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Special Thanks

Matthew Stearns
 | Photographer (took the first two photos attached)