Suzanne and Christian

How We Met

We were high school sweethearts! I met Suzanne in English class our freshman year in the northern suburbs of Chicago. There was definitely mutual interest, but we started off as friends. Her locker was across the hallway from mine, and over the years we talked a ton and our friendship grew. We shared another class during senior year, and we sat next to each other and paid more attention to each other than to the class! At the end of senior year, I asked her to prom. We had a wonderful time, and I knew I wanted to ask her out. We began dating and kept going, even through four years of attending different universities and two more years of working in different cities. Long-distance dating was tough, but over the years she has been the most amazing, supportive, and loyal friend, and I know that she is the one I want to be with for the rest of my life.

how they asked

We planned a trip to Scotland for July of this year. While I had been once before to celebrate my sister’s graduation from the University of St. Andrews, this would be Suzanne’s first time in the country. I figured that our first stop, Edinburgh, would be the perfect place to propose. It is such a beautiful, historic city, and proposing at the beginning of our trip would mean lots of time to enjoy the start of our engagement. I had the fortune of finding our photographer, Suzanne Lister of Kalisterscope Photography, through a Scottish friend of my sister.

Suzanne's Proposal in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland

Together, we found the perfect spot for the surprise proposal: Princes Street Gardens, in front of the fountain, with Edinburgh Castle looming above. Under the pretense of taking a tour of the city, I brought my Suzanne to the park. She suspected nothing, though I still don’t know how she didn’t notice the ring box in my back pocket. But I stayed calm, we made it to the park, and with the most perfect weather anyone could ask for, I brought her to that perfect spot and asked her to marry me. And she said yes!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland

Where to Propose in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland

Special Thanks

Suzanne Lister
 | Photographer