Suzanna and Bryce

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How We Met

Bryce and I are high school sweethearts. The first time I saw him I knew he was the cutest boy in the whole world. We went to separate middle schools and my girls 8th grade golf team was practicing at River Bend country club while he and a couple guys were there too on their own. If you had told little 8th grade (who looked more like a 5th grade) Suzanna that one day she’d marry him, she wouldn’t have ever believed you. The two middle schools became one high school and time passed. I still always had a little crush on him but never got the chance to actually meet him. After a bryce-less freshman and sophomore year I sat down at my lunch table the first day of junior year and there he was. We FINALLY had SOMETHING together.

Remind me to thank my absent mindedness for this next part. Im sitting at lunch laughing with my friends and he walks up from behind and knocks on the table, looks at me and says “You’re welcome.” I just stared and grinned like an idiot and said “Thank you.” Pause for the hallelujah chorus. He walked away. “wait… for what?” I said. I hopped up and walked over to him to ask what I just thanked him for and he said I left my lights on in the parking lot this morning so he turned them off for me (also why was my door unlocked?). Our first date was playing hooky from school. We went to get lunch after he escorted me in the homecoming court assembly. From then on out it was Friday night football games and formals.

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how they asked

In May of 2016 Bryce and I both graduated from Appalachian State University (go ‘neers). With my plans to participate in the Disney College Program in the fall and he to begin his apprenticeship to become a PGA pro we knew we wouldn’t see each other very much in the upcoming months. I made plans to visit him in Boone, NC for a few days before I left for Orlando. Looking back now all the signs pointed to this trip ending with a ring on my finger but I was just so excited to see him I didn’t think anything of it. The past fews months of people asking me when they thought he was going to ask me to marry him became the suddenly silent the week before I left to go see him. Once I arrived in Boone I met up with my sorority family (go ZTA) for ice cream and catching up. Nothing out of the ordinary; just hugging and eating. Bryce told me to meet him at Grandfather Vineyard and Winery which is where our friend Cole worked and he wanted us to come see him.

I met Bryce there and hugged him for a solid five minutes then we sat down and caught up on our day. Cole received a phone call from his brother (or so I was led to believe) and stepped away for a little bit. A couple minutes pass and Bryce asked me to go on a walk with him. He’s never suggested in the past 5 years so go on a walk and there was a little nervousness in his mannerisms but I said “okay!” It started to sprinkle so I grabbed my raincoat and draped it on my head. We start walking up the hill of the winding grape vines and the view of grandfather mountain becomes more clear and beautiful. The whole time I’m so nervous because I’m not sure what’s happening so I don’t shut up. “Are you sure we should be up here?” “It’s raining, let’s go back.” “I don’t have the right shoes for this.”

He continues to drag me to the top, hushing all my complaints. We’re standing there looking at the beautiful view and I notice two people standing at the end of the row we’re on and suddenly feel better about walking up there because there’s other people. I’m a huge rule follower. Then I notice the shorts on one of the girls with a camera looks exactly like the pair of shorts I saw on my little a few hours ago. Everything clicks and I swallow what’s actually happening. I meekly ask if I can take my raincoat off (I don’t want it in pictures) and all I know to do is just hug him as hard as I can and immediately start laughing and crying and he tells me he loves and bends down on the soaking wet ground onto one knee. “Suzanna Michelle Reid, will you marry me?”

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The most perfect moment I could’ve asked for. I’m sitting here grinning now as I recall the sweet details of that perfect day.

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The light rain was the perfect touch of a Notebook-style romantic moment.

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