Sutton and Nathanael

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How We Met

We might just have one of the most random meetups in history…but here’s how it happened: my younger sister had just gotten out of a relationship and was encouraging me to get a Tinder account. I told her I wasn’t going to do it because they just weren’t the type of people I would be interested in. She didn’t take this for an answer and re-downloaded her app to show me a few of her matches. She scrolls through countless guys and I’m looking along with her trying to give her the benefit of the doubt but inside I’m thinking “I don’t care how many people she shows me…I wouldn’t get this app.” Then BAM she gets to a picture of the first guy that sparked my interest, so I said “now this one is cute”. She told me she was going to tell him to add me on Facebook and I told her not to because I thought that was too weird. He had matched with her a year ago and I wasn’t even on Tinder so it was just way too random. BUT thank God she didn’t listen to me and messaged this guy anyway. He messaged me the next day and we met up shortly after for our first date. After that we hung out about once a week and by the time our third date came around I knew I was going to marry him. I told my family I knew he was the one for me and now, here we are a little over a year later, engaged, and planning our wedding to spend the rest of our lives together! He is the answer to my prayers and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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how they asked

It was December 19th and I got a text message from my now fiances brother asking me about something on the computer. So I sit on the couch and open the laptop and in it there is a folded little piece of paper that says #1. I am SO oblivious to anything being done for me and surprises so I stupidly set the paper aside wondering why that’s in the computer. Then I think about it for a second and realize that’s Nathanael’s handwriting. So I quickly grabbed up the paper and opened it. Inside was my first clue. Since it was close to Christmas Nathanael had already set the stage that he would be giving me an early Christmas present. He was so nonchalant about this and so last minute in telling me that I was thinking what in the world could he have thrown together so quickly? The clue was telling me to go where he first met my parents, the next clue was to go where we had our first kiss and where he told me he loved me, the third was where I first laid eyes on him, and the last was leading me to his house. With this scavenger hunt he had sweetly walked me through the important things that happened in our year long relationship. At each stop I would take a few minutes reminiscing on those memories. When I got to his house it was dark and there were candles guiding my steps (I still thought this was a christmas present and maybe we would be having dinner outside or something). I make my way to the back of the house and man, I can’t even put into words what I saw. He had spent days decorating this shed behind his house with cafe lights, mason jars with candles hang from the ceiling, a christmas tree with pictures of us decorating it, and my favorite touch, my grandmothers chandelier. He was standing at the other end of the shed and I made my way to him finally figuring out what was going on and knowing that I was easily the most blessed girl in the world :)

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