Susy and Dan

how they asked: Growing up Cinderella was one of my favorite childhood movies (even to this day!) For as long as I can remember I always hoped to one day find my Prince Charming and “live happily ever after”. Dan’s proposal captured so many of our favorite things and he really outdid himself to make me feel like a princess.

On what I thought was a regular Sunday for us, Dan surprised me with tickets to see Cinderella on Broadway making up a story that he got free tickets from a friend to explain the front row seats. I wasn’t suspicious because Dan and I frequently spend our weekends in Manhattan and watching shows is one of our favorite things to do.

After the show we ate a romantic dinner and afterwards Dan suggested we meet some friends for dessert in West New York. When we arrived, Dan stopped near a pier overlooking the NYC skyline. He stalled, convincing me his friends were running late. In the meantime, Dan tipped off our friends and family of the proposal who were hiding in the bushes ready to take pictures.

As we were at the pier waiting, Dan gave me a photo book he made of our relationship. “I made this for our anniversary a few weeks ago but it didn’t arrive in time”, he said. As I flipped through the pages, one by one, each captured our love story from the very beginning. As I got to the last page it read “will you marry me and start a new chapter together?” and I literally just froze.

Image 1 of Susy and Dan

Overfilled with emotion I thought to myself “is this really happening?!!”. When he got down on one knee I knew he was serious. As I excitedly screamed YES our friends and family rushed out to congratulate us. It truly felt like a fairytale and I cannot wait to marry my Prince Charming and “create a new chapter together”.

Image 2 of Susy and Dan