Susie Lynn and Samuel

How We Met: One night in earlySusieAndSamProposal November of 2011 with only fate to blame, Sam and I both happened toend up at the same small dance spot/bar called Sunset Terrace in Thousand Oaks, California.

He was with his brother and a close friend and I was with one of my girlfriends. Immediately, we both caught each other’s attention the minute I walked through the entrance but were too shy to approach one another. Throughout the night, we both hung with our friends and had a great time but still kept eyeing each other.

Waiting for one to make his/her move. I’m old fashioned and that wasn’t going to happen even though I felt connected to him; a feeling I had never felt before.

As the night was coming to and end, my friend Jessica and I decided to head out a little early. As we were walking to the exit a girl we had met earlier in the restroom (you know how girls are) accidentally spun me and caused me to lose my balance in my heels.

The next thing I know I’ve landed hard into someone’s arms. It was dark and I was so embarrassed. I look to apologize to whomever caught me and see that it was Sam. I was stunned and apologetic, he brushes it off and quickly offers to take me on the dance floor.

We dance for a bit then end up talking the rest of the night until close. He walks me out with Jessica to our car and asks for my number. I had no idea that night was the night I had met my future husband!  He’s knocked me off my feet ever since.

how they asked: I was traveling to Las Vegas to do makeup for a few of my clients for a fitness competition that weekend of July 27th, 2013. Sam and I decided to make a trip out of it and live it up in Sin City. I had no idea that he had already been busy planning the most unforgettable surprise proposal to me while on that trip. He had asked both of our parents and had my dream ring in hand. On Saturday night, after I had finished for the day, he suggested we have dinner and go for a private gondola ride. We had gone before on our first trip to Vegas together a year prior so I didn’t really think anything of it but was excited to go again. Since this time he was anxious for the private one.

He had been carrying a box with us to dinner but he kept his cool and made it seem like it was a gift from our hotel gift shop. It was bigger than a ring box and of course I noticed a few cute things in the gift shop so again didn’t have any suspicions whatsoever. We had an amazing dinner inside The Venetian and got ready to board our private gondola ride. Once in line I did make a joke about how romantic everything was and what a perfect spot this would be for an engagement. Ha! Sam knowing me so well, laughed it off and gave me a kiss.

Once inside the gondola, Sam immediately pulls out his cell phone and sets it up to record. I honestly never connected the two but knew how much he loved the singing so went along with it. Mid ride, he pulls out his gift and hands me a letter he wrote.


In this letter worded so beautifully he rhymes about our fateful meeting and how there’s something he wants to give me…that’s his last name. He gets on one knee, takes me by the hand as tears gush down my face and asks me to marry him! I couldn’t even speak, the best emotions flooded my heart and soul and all I could manage was to shake my head YES! Everything was more than I had ever dreamed of and he is more than I could’ve ever prayed and wished for.