Susie and Brian

how we met

My first memory of Susie was as the girl that just carried a selfie stick around with her and took pictures everywhere she went.

I was volunteering at a new student orientation and it was there that I met with a lot of international students. She was one of the new students that had just arrived. After the orientation, I sent friend requests to a lot of international students and she accepted my friend request (she thought I was Bryan from Chi Alpha, a Christian student organization). From there, I saw all of her adventures throughout the semester, such as her first snow and how magical an experience it was.

It wasn’t until the party that I threw for the international students that I saw her again. When she walked into the room, everyone greeted her. It was obvious she was well liked by everyone. I thought that she was the brightest person in the room. She had a smile that made you also want to smile, and she was so kind to everyone.

After that, throughout the whole next semester, we would meet each other on occasion, walking in the hallway or she’d just be at a booth for Chi Alpha with Bryan.

Perhaps the most important part of our story was right before Easter. Susie and I attended an Easter party thrown by Chi Alpha. After the party, we rode home in the same car together and had a really touching conversation about our faith. It was a deeply personal conversation to both of us that really introduced us to each other’s true characters.

A month later we went on a White-Water rafting trip together. We drove down to Tennessee and back together. We spent about 20 hours in the car together in one weekend. Susie was sitting up in the front of the car and Natalie, one of our friends, was sitting next to me. I remember that I was hoping that Natalie would switch seats with Susie and luckily enough she did! We played a lot of games together, had a lot of great conversations and really enjoyed our time together.

I knew that this trip would probably be the last time we saw each other if I didn’t do something; This was going to be my last chance to see her because there was no more activities. So after the car ride home, I noticed that Susie had left her umbrella in the car. This was it, this was my chance.

Our friend Alan who drove us there and back said he could get the umbrella back to her but I insisted that I do it instead.

I messaged her. I showed up the next day in front of the library thirty minutes early. I was so worried that she would show up early and have to wait for me. That was not the case however as she showed up five minutes late. (I was so nervous that she wasn’t going to show up.)

I returned her umbrella to her in front of the library and Natalie was with her at the time. They were going to spend the rest of the day there getting ready for finals and I asked if I could stay and study with them. We ended up spending the entire week in the library constantly studying together. At the end of the week, I really liked Susie but wasn’t sure what to do. I walked her to the class and then gave her a hug and she kind of gave me a side hug and ran away really quickly.

She later texted me saying that we need to talk which really scared me. I didn’t know what she wanted to talk about. So the next day rolls around and I’m not able to focus at all. Eventually it’s time for Susie and I to meet. I’m sweating bullets not knowing what was about to happen. I meet up with Susie and we decide to go for a walk around campus. By the end of the walk we ended up at a Pagoda that is sitting over a beautiful lake. She turns to me and says that she wants to have a truthful conversation and will answer anything I say truthfully and vice versa.

I turn to her and ask, “Do you like me?”

And the rest is history.

how they asked

It was our one year anniversary and it’s just like a normal Saturday, I went to work and he stayed at the apartment and slept in. I was too busy at work to text him that morning; he didn’t text me at all either, so I guessed he was probably still asleep or playing his video games or watching some videos on YouTube and just left his phone somewhere else in the room. He knows I don’t like to be ignored, especially by him. When it’s time for my lunch break, I decided to go back to the apartment and check on him.

The moment I opened the door, I saw him standing right in front of me which freaked me out. I believe I screamed for a second because it was totally not expected and it was super unusual. I couldn’t tell what was happening and he didn’t say a word when I showed up. Soon I noticed his complicated facial expressions (being nervous) and the phone that was recording us behind him.

The next second, I looked at him and he was already down on one knee with a ring. He was reading his proposal and I was already full of emotions, from being shocked to being surprised. After that, the only thing I remember is that I said “Yes, of course!!” and we had a tight and long hug, like my lunch break will never end.

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