Sushma and Kishan

How We Met

We met the 4th day of my first year in college and he was a senior at the time. He was friends with my roommate and came over for a casual college house party. I was sitting in a corner of the apartment and he came over to start talking to me. His first pickup line apparently was to ask me what I think of his “sick socks.” He was so nervous around me for a month! Either way, it was such an instant connection. I thought he was the most adorable man I’d ever met. A week later, I saw him at a local college bar and he asked for my number on the way out, but I didn’t have the chance to give it to him because the place was closing and everyone was rushing out. 2 days later, I get a facebook friend request and message from him asking for my number. Five years later, we’re engaged and I cannot wait to marry my prince who makes me laugh until my stomach hurts every single day, treats me like a princess, and always keeps the romance alive with cute little gestures.

Where to Propose in Roswell Mill Waterfall

How They Asked

He told me that we were going to a welcome party for a wedding on his family’s side, so it was easy to get me all dressed up. When we were on the way there, he stopped at one of my favorite places from my childhood – a waterfall near both of our hometowns. We had just celebrated our 5th anniversary a week ago so he told me he was gifting me with a photo shoot, which was very believable because anyone who knows me knows that I love pictures. We meet up with the photographer and climbed down a dirt hill to the waterfall. The photographer told me to pose looking into the distance and I did. I was in full posing mode and not really thinking about anything else.

Proposal Ideas Roswell Mill Waterfall

When I turned around, the love of my life was on one knee. I was standing at the edge of rock so I’m surprised I didn’t fall off because, in this moment, everything was a blur. I could not breathe, my heart was pounding, and I started sobbing. He told me how much he loved me and asked me to marry him. It was the easiest “YES” I’ve ever said. At this point, I still thought we were headed to that welcome party. So, we drive over to a beautiful restaurant on the river and our best friends/family were waiting to surprise me. I had another sob session and then we spent the night celebrating our love!

Special Thanks

Tessie West
 | Photographer