Susanne and Zack

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How We Met

We met on Tinder (so millennial!) and we talked for three days before having our first date at Longwood Gardens…which turned into bowling which became sitting in his car in the parking lot talking for two hours. Ended up being an 11 hour date and still neither of us wanted to go home!

how they asked

Our first big trip together was to Disney this past March. It was Zack’s birthday over the weekend and the 31st was going to be our anniversary. The third day we came back to our resort from Epcot and Zack started talking about where we could get caricatures done. I was already suspicious in the weeks leading up to the trip and this just bolstered my theory.

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We ended up at Magic Kingdom sitting for our portraits, I noticed people staring at the artist working as they walked by. When she finished she asked if we wanted to see it and it turned out to be a caricature of Zack and I mid-proposal.

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