Susannah and Jared

Susannah's Proposal in Atlantic City, New Jersey

How We Met

Jared and I met via a dating app during my freshman and his junior year of college. We were actually living 100+ miles apart at this point, but we happened to match up when I was home for a school vacation in the fall. When I returned to school, we messaged for the first time, and despite thinking he was cute and being impressed by his good spelling and grammar, I doubted he’d message me again. I’m glad I was wrong!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Atlantic City, New Jersey

We kept talking, and when I came home for Christmas we went on our first date at a sushi restaurant. At this point, I had decided I would be transferring to a university in my hometown (the rival school of his university!), so I was interested in continuing to get to know him. After a month or so of casually seeing each other, we became exclusive when he presented me with a blue French horn that he made, a la How I Met Your Mother, after taking me to dinner for my birthday. It’s so special to me, and I’ve kept it to this day.

Proposal Ideas Atlantic City, New Jersey

Since we began dating in January 2016, we’ve both graduated college with bachelor’s degrees. He moved to a big city a few hours up the highway for a great job, and I’m in the process of finding my first post-college gig. Over the past few years, we’ve taken lots of small trips, eaten some great food, gotten close with each other’s families, and even adopted an evil cat named Reggie of whom we share custody. If the past few years are any indication, our future is going to be full of a lot of laughter and love.

Susannah and Jared's Engagement in Atlantic City, New Jersey

how they asked

In the spring of 2018, my dad booked a vacation for my family in Brigantine, New Jersey, which is a small island across the bay from Atlantic City. Having spent many summers there as a pre-teen and teenager, I was so excited to bring Jared to my favorite place in the world. Though we had known for a long time that our relationship was the real deal, I’d asked Jared to refrain from proposing until after I graduated college. I was secretly hoping that he would propose on our vacation because Jersey is such a special place to me, but I didn’t know anything for sure. Each time I would ask Jared about when he might propose, he (rightfully) shut me down.

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Fast forward to our week at the beach. We had a fantastic vacation—reading on the beach, eating fresh seafood, and watching the waves crash against the shore from our balcony. As the week went on I started wondering whether I was wrong about when I thought he’d propose, and by the last morning, I’d pretty much given up. We all got dressed up to do some shopping and dining on the boardwalk, and I had a good time with everybody. Before we went for drinks at one of our favorite places, somebody said they wanted to stop at a mall on the boardwalk to look at something. As we headed to the third floor my dad said he wanted to get a drink at one of the restaurants upstairs. I was confused as to why we would get a drink before going to get a drink, but it didn’t seem that odd. After realizing that a lot of restaurants upstairs had closed down, we walked out to a balcony that overlooked the Atlantic Ocean.

As we walked around the deck, Jared asked if I had a quarter for the binocular machine. I didn’t, but my stepmom quickly offered one. I put it in the machine and was looking out when I heard Jared’s voice behind me.

“Do you see anything?” he asked me.

“Uh…water?” I said. Duh.

“Why don’t you look behind you?”

Not even thinking about what might be going on, I turned around to see Jared on one knee with the ring. Before I could even open my mouth, he’d asked me to marry him.

After a whole lot of gasping and asking if he was serious, I said yes, and looked over to see my whole family filming and taking photos. Some random guy came over after the fact and showed us a picture of all of us on the balcony during the proposal, which he later sent to my picture on Facebook. We spent some time after that making some phone calls and drinking celebratory champagne.

I feel so lucky to be the person who gets to marry Jared. He is the kindest, funniest, most generous, and most loving person I’ve ever known. He makes me stronger, wiser, and less afraid, and I can’t think of anybody I’d rather have as a partner in life.

We’re so excited for all the great things to come!