Susannah and Benjamin

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cape Canaveral, FL

How We Met

Ben and I met in September 2017 while both living in Rhode Island – I was finishing my undergraduate degree at the University of Rhode Island and he was stationed with the US Coast Guard at Station Castle Hill. On our first date, we spent four hours at The Cheesecake Factory talking and learning everything there was to know about each other and we both knew that this was something special.

Susannah and Benjamin's Engagement in Cape Canaveral, FL

By the third date (at Dave and Buster’s – one of our favorite spots) we made it official and our love story began. Since then, I have received my Bachelor of Science and began my Masters program, Ben received numerous awards and accolades in his work (plus an upcoming advancement!), and together we started a new adventure by moving to Florida for Ben’s newest tour on CGC Vigilant.

Where to Propose in Cape Canaveral, FL

How They Asked

As a part of Ben’s current tour with the US Coast Guard, he is deployed for two months and then is home for two months at a time. The day he arrives back home is so special, exciting, and I always go to the ship to welcome him home. However, this time was different, even from the start. On my drive to go pick him up, I got lost and stuck in a detour that made me an hour late for his pick up time.

Once I finally arrived, I was overwhelmed and frazzled but I pulled myself together and I went to go stand outside the ship to wait for him to come off. Out of now where, Ben surprises me, along with my parents.

He pulls me aside, gets down on one knee, and proposes, in front of the entire crew and their families. It was the most magical and unforgettable moment of my life that still brings happy tears to my eyes. Being away from him for months at a time is never easy, but this was the best homecoming I could ever imagine.