Susanna and Clayton

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How We Met

From the moment I first held Clayton’s band, I knew I never wanted to let it go! Meeting him was a total blessing from Heaven because I had sworn I would not date anyone else after a string of really bad relationships. I went into the local Christian bookstore seeking a devotional for the 2019 new year and while browsing the aisles, the sweetest guy walked up and asked if I needed any help.

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Being the total introvert that I am, I declined his offer, but he was persistent! I finally gave in and we had the best conversation. He offered to check me out and before I could walk away, quietly asked for my phone number. After talking for a month, we agreed to go on a date to the movies. He held my hand that night and I knew from that moment on, he would hold it forever.

How They Asked

On the evening of our year and a half dating anniversary, my family planned to go to Mountain Fork in Beaver’s Bend State Park. The river cuts through this beautiful mountainous region, making it one of the most stunning locations in the park. My family wanted to take pictures in the area, so one by one, each family unit stepped by the river and had their picture made. Clayton and I were last, we stepped up for our picture and my glasses immediately became cloudy. I stepped away to clean my glasses for just a moment and Clayton slipped down to one knee.

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When I turned around, I immediately began to cry because the moment I had been waiting for was finally coming true! I was going to be marrying my best friend! He pulled out the most amazing ring I had ever seen and come to find out, it belonged to his grandmother, making it even more special. I could not have envisioned a more special moment than the one that my Clayton gave to me and I cannot wait to be his wife!

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Special Thanks

Kali Hernandez
 | Photographer
Ashley Wafford
 | Videographer