Susanna and Adam

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How We Met

Susanna: Adam and I were one of the many couples who met on And yes, it really works. We spent the first month chatting asking each other real questions. Our first date lasted a few hours, we had no idea time was going by so fast. I enjoyed his company so much, we spent another hour in the parking lot laughing at each other’s stories. By the end of the night, I knew he was my person.

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how they asked

Adam: I had been planning how I was going to propose to Susanna for about a month. I knew the entire family would be at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving and I thought that would be a great time to propose. They have a hill that overlooks the entire town I grew up in. I was going to take her for a walk and then when we got to the top of the hill I would get on one knee. Well!!!! That’s how it was supposed to go…

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While on the walk, Susanna put her hand in my back pocket where I was holding the ring. She looks at me and says “What is this!”. I looked at her and said “Really!” haha. “I had this whole thing planned and you found the ring.” I ended up dropping to one knee and proposing. Once she said yes, I explained to her what I had planned.

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She said ok let’s do it again but the way you planned it. We then headed up to the top of the hill and I went through with my proposal plans. It doesn’t always happen the way you plan, but it did make for a great story.

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